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Imprensa 2013

August 2014
LumaSense Demos High Impact Solutions for the Global Energy Market at CIGRE Conference in Paris -- LumaSense experts ready to explain how major utilities can apply monitoring technologies to protect, optimize and extend the life of valuable utility assets.

April 2014
LumaSense Demos Novel Solutions for the Global Energy Market at Booth #3800 at IEEE Power and Energy Sector (PES) Transmission and Distribution (T & D) Conference

September 2013
LumaSense adds a new Series 6 pyrometer for accurate temperature measurements of metals starting at 50 °C – – Fast response time of 0.5 ms enables precise measurements of dynamic processes or short temperature peaks.

August 2013
LumaSense Technologies Implements Value-based CustomerCentric Selling® Process

June 2013
LumaSense Technologies Appoints Ronald Sutton to Vice President of Sales

June 2013
LumaSense Introduces “Sensory Overload?” Blog to Push Boundaries on Industrial Thinking

New Blog Aims to Make “Sense” of Industrial Sensing Technology and Big Data Analytics and to Encourage Industrial Crowdsourcing

May 2013
LumaSense Introduces Rel-Rad™ -- Breakthrough Thermal Imaging Technology
“A Thermal Picture That’s Worth a Thousand Pyrometers”

Rel-Rad™ Hybrid Imaging Technology Combines Single Point Pyrometry and Thermal Imaging in a New Cost Effective Solution

May 2013
At AISTech 2013 – Booth #235: LumaSense Demos New Ratio Infrared Pyrometers for Steelmaking Processes  --
LumaSense executive to deliver talk on IR temp measurement solutions to produce high quality rods and bars

April 2013
LumaSense Introduces Revolutionary Furnace Exit-Gas Temperature (FEGT) Monitoring Solution  --
Combustion monitoring solution delivers accurate temperature measurement to optimize efficiency of boilers and furnaces and dramatically reduce emissions

March 2013
LumaSense Introduces New Infrared Pyrometer Targeted for Emerging Markets  --
Cost-effective ratio pyrometer delivers accurate, high-speed temperature measurement to improve manufacturing processes for industrial materials and advanced technology segments.

March 2013
LumaSense Introduces New Infrared Pyrometers for Precise Temperature Measurement and Analysis of Industrial Materials Including Metals, Ceramics and Graphite --
Rapid 120μs response time enables accurate measurement of dynamic manufacturing processes.

February 2013
LumaSense Technologies Appoints Veteran Technology Executive Steve Abely to Succeed Founder & CEO Vivek Joshi

February 2013
LumaSense Introduces Sensorgraphics Process Intelligence – New Breed of Industrial Analytics Software Manages Massive Data Flows Generated by Thermal Imaging and Other Sensors -- 

New LumaSpec R/T Industrial Analytics Software Suite awakens an industrial “6th Sense” for real-time visualization and precise process controls, integrating thermal imaging cameras and more than 64,000 industrial sensors.

January 2013
LumaSense Introduces Sensor Analytics Initiative To Prevent $1.2 Trillion Lost Annually to Industrial Waste and Inefficiency --

LumaSense Technologies, Inc. helps global energy and manufacturing companies awaken their “6th Sense” using our LS6 sensors coupled with Industrial Big Data


Artigos 2013

May 2014 (Article)
Flare play
LumaSense Technologies’ flare monitoring system, LumaSpection™, uses thermal imaging to ensure safety and efficiency in gas-flaring operations.
InnovOil, MAY 2014

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April 2014 (Article)
Measurement of Pouring Streams
Monitoring the temperature of the pouring melt in foundries is a challenging task due to the varying measuring conditions and characteristics of the metal.
ReviewOnline, APRIL 2014

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February 2014 (Article)
Groundbreaking Temperature Sensing Solution
LumaSense Technologies Provides Groundbreaking Temperature Sensing Solution for Unparalleled Yield Improvement and Efficiency Gains for MOCVD Processes for LED Production.
ReviewOnline, FEBRUARY 2014

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October 2013 (Article)
Measuring Solutions for Induction Hardening
The use of pyrometers, thermal imagers, and fast controllers as a LumaSense system-solution for Measuring Solutions for temperature monitoring and process control can increase the quality, accuracy, and repeatability of many heat treatment processes.
ReviewOnline, SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2013

March/ April 2013 (Article)
Sensor Analytics Initiative To Prevent $1.2 Trillion Lost Annually to Industrial Waste and Inefficiency
LumaSense Technologies, Inc. hilft internationalen Energie- und
Fertigungsfirmen ihren sechsten Sinn zu erwecken und die LS6 Sensoren von
LumaSense gemeinsam mit industriellen Big Data zu nutzen
ReviewOnline, MARCH/APRIL 2013

February 2013 (Article/Blog)
Utility Mulls Big Data and Security of the Grid
 “The more Big Data streams that are coming back, the more opportunities there are for a hacker to get in”
Wall Street Journal, FEBRUARY 2013

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January 2013 (Article)
Smart Grid News readers nominated LumaSense Technologies for the 13 in 2013 Smart Grid Companies to Watch competitionors, JANUARY 2013

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January 2013 (Article)
LumaSense makes big play with Big Data, sensors, JANUARY 2013

Brett SargentLumaSense Technologies CTO Brett Sargent says the Santa Clara company can save its thermal sensing device customers more than $1 trillion dollars a year with Big Data analytics software it is developing.

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