Quasar M8100FM

  • Flame detection up to 400 m
  • Detection of hydrocarbon as well as hydrogen flames
  • CSA/US and ATEX explosion-proof housing
  • Safety and environmental protection
  • Automatic gain control for adverse weather conditions
  • High quality sight-through optics
  • On-board alarm set point relay
  • Modular opto-electronic package for easy removal from housing
  • IR pyrometer and amplification circuitry in one single module

The QUASAR Model M8100FM-EXP Flare Stack Flare Monitor provides continuous monitoring of flared gases from remote locations up to ¼ mile (400 m) away in nearly any climate condition. This makes it ideal for confirming compliance with government-set flaring time limits.

The QUASAR utilizes multi-wavelength infrared detection and electronic circuitry to automatically compensate for signal variation due to rain, snow or fog. Observed flaring is reported via a 4 and 20 mA signal. The QUASAR can be mounted on a control center roof and sighted to monitor flaring on distant flare stacks. It is available with a sturdy mounting system designed to resist movement in high winds and provide vernier sighting capabilities for easy target acquisition at long sighting distances.

All electrical and optical components of the QUASAR Model M8100FM-EXP are housed in a single CSA AND CENELEC APPROVED enclosure with a hazardous location classification of Class 1, Division 1, Groups C and D; Class 1, Division 2, Groups A through D; and EExd IIB T4. A single interchangeable modular package mounted inside the explosion-proof enclosure houses all electronic and optical components allowing easy removal and replacement without disturbing any external connections.


The combination of modular features into a single remotely locatable system makes the QUASAR easy to install, maintain and integrate with other systems, and makes it one of the most economical flare stack flare monitors on the market.


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