Pyrometer UV 400 and UVR 400

LumaSense pioneered the first pyrometer with integrated reflectometer (TR 100) in 2001, establishing the industry standard for active emissivity compensation using 950 nm and fiber optics. Our advances in sapphire light-pipe sensors and in-situ blackbody calibration sources provide a complete temperature measurement solution.

The model LumaSense UV 400 and UVR 400 systems are the next generation of temperature sensors developed specifically for GaN-based MOCVD epitaxy processes. The UV 400 and UVR 400 now allow direct measurement of the wafer surface temperature instead of the traditional susceptor/pocket temperature. This improved measurement allows more accurate control of the wafer temperature leading to an improved yield.

These systems are now setting a new standard for LED production processes with results showing reliable correlation between process temperature and final product wavelength.


  • Measure temperature directly on the GaN layer using UV wavelength instrumentation
  • Provides a wide temperature range (650 … 1300 °C) to allow coverage of both main buffer growth and MQW growth
  • Minimize noise in measurement using true photon-counting instrumentation
  • Capture real time reflectance measurement using a fast pulsing light source
  • Includes 2 interface types: Analog output and RS485 with UPP protocol


  • Improve yield through accurate true wafer temperature measurement
  • Obtain reliable wafer temperature with PL wavelength correlation
  • Prevent residue temperature oscillation as seen in NIR emissivity-compensated pyrometers
  • Realize continuous real time reflectance measurement
  • Prevent data skew due to delayed sampling (no shutter on and off)
  • Provides a complete solution for reactor temperature control with PhotriX and concentric lightpipe options
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Measurement of epitaxial layer termperatures

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GaN material emits below 400 nm in the ultraviolet spectrum and improvements in short wavelength detectors allow for measurement of epitaxial layer termperatures.

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