Transformer Substations Thermal Imaging

Increasing safety and reliability through continuous system monitoring

For many years now, portable thermal imaging cameras have been a reliable tool in condition-based and preventive maintenance of electrical distribution systems in low-, medium-, and high-voltage installations, where they are often used at periodic time intervals. Optimized maintenance concepts in this industry however more and more call for the continuous, stationary use of such cameras.

Increased energy loads on equipment which in some cases is quite old are the main cause of faults or complete failure of components. To prevent this, stationary thermographic systems are deployed in permanently critical locations and complete systems. In this way, maintenance jobs and procurement of materials become plannable. Furthermore, the safety and reliability of the overall equipment is increased and loss of production ore complete loss of systems due to a fire can be prevented.

Our Solution

  • High camera resolution of 320 by 240 pixels, rapid data transfer of up to 60 images per second
  • Possibility to record thermal imagery and video imagery for thermal and visual presentation of an alarm event
  • Installation of camera system in industrial IP65 or weather-proof enclosure
  • Analysis of temperature data in specific regions of interest (ROIs) of the thermal image, or automatic locating of hottest or coldest spot
  • Parameterization of characteristic measured  values (e.g. maximum temperature) for configuration of threshold values for visual and/or audible signaling
  • Connection of all system components via TCOP/IP protocols for fast data transfer to PLCs or fire alarm systems
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