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Revue de presse

Juin 2016
LumaSense présente son nouveau Pyromètre bi-chromatique avec transition automatique entre mesure mono et bichromatique -- “le pyromètre IMPAC® IGAR 6 Advanced est doté d’une nouvelle technologie qui permet de basculer entre mode mono et bichromatique, offrant ainsi une très large plage de mesure.”

Avril 2016
LumaSense lance son nouveau modèle de pyromètre industriel lors du salon Industrie Paris -- “le nouvel IMPAC® IGA 140/23 est plus fiable, polyvalent, et durable”

September 2015
LumaSense Celebrates 10th Anniversary and 57+ Years in the Sensing Industry

November 2014
LumaSense Introduces the PULSAR 4 for Condition Based Monitoring of Petrochemical Combustion Vessels at ADIPEC 2014 -- “The PULSAR 4 is the best way to keep valuable refinery assets performing and prevent unwarranted downtime”

October 2014
LumaSense Introduces the World’s First Industrial Grade Infrared Pyrometer with Thermal Imaging Capabilities -- The ISR 6-TI Advanced pyrometer uses a built-in video camera with infrared filter to improve manufacturing processes in metals, glass, and other heat-dependent manufacturing industries.

August 2014
LumaSense Demos High Impact Solutions for the Global Energy Market at CIGRE Conference in Paris -- LumaSense experts ready to explain how major utilities can apply monitoring technologies to protect, optimize and extend the life of valuable utility assets.



July 2015 (Article)
Reliable temperature measurement of melting furnaces
Temperature measurement is key for the optimisation of energy-intensive glass production processes. Careful monitoring of glass temperatures and of production equipment, such as melting tanks and machinery, is the only way to avoid damage and to ensure that product quality will meet the stringent requirements of the market.
glassWORLDWIDE, JULY Issue 2015

June 2015 (Article)
Hot spot monitoring with ThermalSpection
How the thermal imaging system allows operators to monitor the temperature and integrity of critical assets safely and accurately.
InnovOil, JUNE Issue 2015

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June 2015 (Article)
Sealed sensor assembly gets a reliability boost
LumaSense Technologies collaborated with Douglas Electrical Components’ engineering team to create a hermetically sealed sensing assembly for the LumaSense SmartDGA Guide.
Design World, 8th JUNE Issue 2015

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April 2015 (Article)
Asphalt Mixing Plants
Monitoring the temperature of asphalt mixtures is a challenging task due to the varying  measuring conditions and characteristics of the process.
Review online, MARCH /APRIL Issue 2/2015

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November 2014 (Article)
Advanced Solution for Sulphur Recovery Process
New solution offers simultaneous refractory and gas flame measurements providing even more accurate results in real-time.
Maintworld, NOVEMBER Issue 4/2014

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October 2014 (Article)
Float glass furnace monitoring
Improved monitoring of the glass temperature can help ensure product uniformity and improve efficiency by reducing cycle time by controlling the melting process.
GlassWorldwide, OCTOBER 2014

October 2014 (Article)
Why choose between a pyrometer and thermal imager, have both?
The ISR 6-TI Advanced hybrid-pyrometer solution is ideal for industries where it’s critical to know the temperature of an object as well as ensure uniformity across an object at that temperature. It is accurate and easy to use by offering a single user interface for the pyrometer and thermal imaging function.
ReviewOnline, OCTOBER 2014

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September 2014 (Article)
Making perfect sense

Lumasense Technologies’ Pulsar 4 offers simultaneous refractory and gas flame measurements, providing even more accurate results in real-time.
InnovOil, SEPTEMEBER 2014

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May 2014 (Article)
Flare play
LumaSense Technologies’ flare monitoring system, LumaSpection™, uses thermal imaging to ensure safety and efficiency in gas-flaring operations.
InnovOil, MAY 2014

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April 2014 (Article)
Measurement of Pouring Streams
Monitoring the temperature of the pouring melt in foundries is a challenging task due to the varying measuring conditions and characteristics of the metal.
ReviewOnline, APRIL 2014

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February 2014 (Article)
Groundbreaking Temperature Sensing Solution
LumaSense Technologies Provides Groundbreaking Temperature Sensing Solution for Unparalleled Yield Improvement and Efficiency Gains for MOCVD Processes for LED Production.
ReviewOnline, FEBRUARY 2014

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