BoilerSpection™ MB

Built for mobile use, BoilerSpection-MB utilizes special mid-wave infrared detectors to see through flames. This unique feature means BoilerSpection-MB can provide the clearest and most stable through-flame images in boilers, furnaces, kilns or incinerators.

BoilerSpection MB With Protection View
BoilerSpection 2 View
BoilerSpection 3 View

With BoilerSpection-MB plant operators can quickly and accurately identify process abnormalities allowing for more optimal combustion and heat transfer. Operators can then direct cleaning operations, regulate flow of fuel and air, reduce emissions, reduce fuel consumption, speed up boiler light off, and improve safety.

BoilerSpection-MB is a completely digital and IP addressable camera system that utilizes standard connections for viewing and recording real-time images. It also includes a standard video (BNC) output for use with legacy video equipment.


Technical Data


Infrared Camera

Spectral Wavelength

~ 3.9 µm narrow band pass filter

Image Resolution 320 x 240
Detector Type Uncooled Focal Plane Array VOx Microbolometer


30 Hz / 9 Hz

Measurement Range 500 to 1600 °C (932 to 2912 °F)
Video Out NTSC / PAL
Power Supply Included, input is universal AC
Protective Housing Stainless steel enclosure with vortex air cooling (air is only required for longterm monitoring)
Camera Weight < 30 lbs (13.5 kg)
Lens Shroud Outer Diameter

1.65” (42 mm)

Lens Length

18” (“A” Dimension 15.75” [400 mm])

24” (“A” Dimension 22.50” [572 mm])

36” (“A” Dimension 34.10” [866 mm])

Field of View

50° horizontal x 38° vertical

Construction Stainless Steel Borescope Optics with ZnS optical elements (can be operated without air for brief inspections)


Sapphire window tip with air purge shield

BoilerSpec Recording and Analysis Software

Key Features

Image recording, region of interest analysis, export data to Excel, save recordings as JPGs and AVI movies


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