Multi-Gas Monitor INNOVA 1316-1

Cost-effective, customizable multi-gas monitoring system for a wide variety applications

Rugged, reliable, and field-proven product platform. Based upon the Non-Dispersive InfraRed (NDIR) technique, the INNOVA 1316-1 is a cost-effective gas monitor suitable for a variety of applications. The 1316-1 can measure up to five gases, including Oxygen, and can be easily customized for different measurement tasks by combining relevant modules and sensors.

Mulit-gas Monitor INNOVA 1316 Front View
Mulit-gas Monitor INNOVA 1316 View

Key Features

  • Measures up to 5 gases
  • Fast response time
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Low initial investment
  • Low running and maintenance costs
  • Stability - long intervals between calibrations
  • USB and RS-232 interfaces
  • User-friendly application software
  • Online monitoring expandable to 24 parallel units
  • Short warm-up time
  • Optional sensors for additional gases

Cost-effective and Versatile Multi-Gas Monitor

The INNOVA 1316-1 is a cost-effective instrument based on a rugged, reliable, and field-proven product platform. The INNOVA 1316-1 incorporates our Andros® brand of NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared) gas bench. Our NDIR implementation has no moving parts in the optical path, calibrations are seldom required, and the instrument automatically compensates for drift by a zero calibration routine while measurements are performed. The INNOVA 1316-1 does not demand skilled operators, consumables, or frequent service. LumaSense has many thousands of NDIR units successfully deployed for decades in harsh and demanding environments.

Similar to other Innova instruments, setup is simple, easy and fast. The INNOVA 1316-1 measures the concentration of CO, CO2, and Hydrocarbons (with reference to either Hexane or Propane). Combined with optional sensors it also can measure O2 and NO. This family of instruments is an excellent complement to the ultra-low detection ranges of our existing line of Photoacoustic Gas Monitors – the INNOVA 1412i and INNOVA 1314i.

The user software BZ 6012/6013/6014 supplied with every monitor provides a user-friendly way to setup the monitor and display real time measurement data in numeric or graphical display. Large datasets can be analyzed by our software or exported to other analytical software tools.

Application scale up

For applications with multiple sampling points the multi channel monitoring LumaSoft Gas Multi Point 7950 software allows industrial manufacturers to  more easily and cost effectively monitor gas emissions by remotely controlling up to 24 Multi-Gas Monitors 1316 Series with a single computer.

The Measurement Cycle

The user software communicates with the Multi Gas Monitor - INNOVA 1316-1 using USB or RS-232 interface. The pump draws air from the sampling point through the air filter to flush out the old air in the measurement system comprising the selected NDIR module and two sensors.

Light from the infrared source is sent through the measurement chamber and passes through specialized filters and a reference filter and the absorption of energy at specific wavelengths is calculated. Then the concentration of the individual gases in the chamber is reported.

After passing the module chamber the gas is sent to the optional electrochemical sensors where the signal is measured again. The measured signal is reported back to the module and the concentration of the compound is reported together with the gas concentrations from the module via the interface connection to the software.


Technical Data INNOVA 1316-1

Measurement Technique 
Non Dispersive Infrared to measure CO2, CO and Hydrocarbon as either n-Hexane or Propane. Electrochemical Sensors to measure O2 and NO
Measurement Specifications
Detection Limit: CO2 : 100 ppm
CO : 50 ppm
Hydrocarbon Propane:
6 ppm n-Hexane: 3 ppm
Zero Drift: Zero drift is compensated for by automatic zero calibrations.
Response Time Response time is specified at a sample flow rate of 800 milliliter per minute using 1 m sample tube ID Ø 3 mm. T90 & T10: 5 seconds for NDIR, 17 seconds for electrochemical sensors.
Data Refresh Rate 1 sec
Pumping Rate Gas Inlet flow: 800 ml/min;  
Zero Reference Inlet: 700 ml/min
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions Height: 140 mm (5.5 in.)
Width: 236 mm (9.3 in.)
Depth: 259 mm (10.2 in.)          
Weight 3.5 kg
Enclosure IP20
Power Requirements Voltage: 100-240 V AC
Power consumption: 40 VA
The monitor has two interfaces: RS-232 or USB which are used for remote control of the 1316. BZ6012 software communicates using either RS-232 or USB.
Compliance with Standards
The 1316-2 has the following certifications:
  • CE-mark (for compliance with EMC and Low Voltage Directives),

The detailed Certificate of Conformity documents are available in our download section.

Measurement Methods

HC (n-Hexane or Propane)
Resolution 1 ppm
Measurement Range 1 to 2,000 ppm
Accuracy ±4 ppm abs. or ±3% rel
Precision ±4 ppm abs. or ±3% rel.

Resolution 1 ppm
Measurement Range 2,000 to 15,000 ppm
Accuracy ±5% rel.
Precision ±4 ppm abs. or ±3% rel.

Resolution 1 ppm
Measurement Range 15,000 to 30,000 ppm
Accuracy Unspecified
Precision Unspecified

Resolution 0.001%
Measurement Range 0.001 to 10%
Accuracy ±0.02% abs. or ±3% rel.
Precision ±0.02% abs. or ±3% rel.

Resolution 0.001%
Measurement Range 10 to 15%
Accuracy ±5% rel.
Precision ±0.02% abs. or ±3% rel.

Resolution 0.01%
Measurement Range 0.01 to 16%
Accuracy ±0.3% abs. or ±3% rel.
Precision ±0.3% abs. or ±3% rel.

Resolution 0.01%
Measurement Range 16% to 20%
Accuracy ±5% rel.
Precision ±0.3% abs. or ±3% rel.

Resolution 1 ppm
Measurement Range 0 to 4,000 ppm
Accuracy ±25 ppm abs. or ±4% rel.
Precision ±25 ppm abs. or ±4% rel.

Resolution 1 ppm
Measurement Range 4,000 to 5,000 ppm
Accuracy ±5% rel.
Precision ±25 ppm abs. or ±4% rel.

Resolution 0.01%
Measurement Range 0.01 to 25%
Accuracy ±0.1% abs. or ±3% rel
Precision ±0.1% abs. or ±3% rel.