DA 6000-T

LED (96x48x155 mm) digital display with RS232 and integrated timer for measurement of t8/5 in welding applications and system control.

Reference Number: 3 890 150

DA 6000-T

Key Features

  • Measurement and display of t8/5 time for welding applications (temperature limits freely adjustable)
  • Measured value display: 5-digit, 7-segment LED
  • Mode display: 4-digit LED matrix
  • Analog interfaces: 0/4 ... 20 mA input and output
  • Digital interface: RS232
  • When connected to an Analog pyrometer, it offers:
    • adjustable signal smoothing
    • Maximum value memory (2 ms)
    • Measuring range magnifying glass at the analog output
    • Data recording with InfraWin software
    • Pilot light supply for series 300
  • When connected to a digital pyrometer, it offers:
    • Setting and changing of all Pyrometer parameters without the use of a PC


The DA 6000-T is a high-precision, installable LED digital display with integrated timer, which can be used in conjunction with LumaSense IMPAC pyrometers. It was designed specifically for welding applications and automatically determines the t8/5-time, i.e. the time in which the weld is cooled from 800 °C to 500 °C. It shows the measurement and output of the time it takes to exceed or fall below the limit temperatures immediately after the welding process. As such, the DA 6000-T can also be used for system control.

In combination with digital IMPAC pyrometers, software InfraWin 5 and optional I/O modules, the DA 6000-T allows non-contact, fast and accurate detection and measurement of welding processes. The limit temperatures (start and final temperature) as well as rise and cooling curves can be freely selected, identified, and documented

In addition to this special function, the DA 6000-T provides all functions of the normal DA 6000, such as: 5-digit measured value display, LED mode indicator, and analog and digital interface.

In addition, the digital interface for data can be transferred to the PC (for evaluation using InfraWin), or to another digital system.

Analog input and output (0/4...20 mA each) can be defined independently and e.g. be used for the conversion of a 4...20 mA signal into 0...20 mA.