IS 5/F

数字式、固定、快速、小巧的火焰测温仪,采用数字技术,带有模拟输出以及RS 232或RS 485接口和目视瞄准系统,测温范围600…3000 °C。

IMPAC 测温仪 IS 5/F


  • 高精度 (0.5%)
  • RS 485总线控制
  • 出厂前可调节物镜距离
  • 可调光斑尺寸
  • 4种测量范围
  • 通过电脑重新校准
  • 快速响应时间:10毫秒
  • 通过电脑设置所有参数
  • 内置最大值存储
  • 通用配件,例如Furness安装支架




Technical Data

Temperature Range (MB 14)    600 to 1400°C
(MB 18)    700 to 1800°C
(MB 25)    800 to 2500°C
(MB 30)  1000 to 3000°C  
Spectral Range: 0.7 to 1.15 μm

< 1500: 0.5% of the measured value in °C +- 2K

> 1500°C: 1% of the measured value in °C

Resolution: < 1 °C
Temperature Dependence: 0.25K per K of the ambient temperature from 23°C
Repeatability: 0.2% of the measured value in °C +- 2K
Response Time: < 10ms, adjustable up to 10 s
Soot Factor: n= 0,5...2,5

Adjustable at the converter's rear side: soot factor, response time, 0 or 4...20 mA analog output, switch to intensity output, online/offline

Adjustable and Readable via Interface: soot factor, response time, parametrizing the response output, temperature sub-range, clear time and external clear of the maximum value storage, baud rate

Only Readable: measured value, optical thickness, spectral temperature and internal temperature

Sighting System: through lens sighting
Maximum Value Storage: single or dual storage, clear by time, external clear contact, interface or automatic
Max. Load: < 3VA (inclusive active laser pilot light)
Interface: RS232 or RS485 (addressable, half duplex), baud rate up to 384 kBd
Power Supply: 24 VDC +- 25%, stabilized, ripple < 50mV
Safety class I accoridng to VDE0411
Safety System: IP 65 (according to DIN 40050)
Storage Temperature: -20 to 70°C
Operating Temperature: 0 to 70°C at housing
Isolation: power supply and digital and analog output galvanically isolated
CE System: according to EU directives about electromagnetic immunity
Weight: 550g
IMPAC 测温仪 IS 5/F
MB 14 Optics a=250 mm
MB 18 Optics a=250 mm
MB 25 Optics a=250 mm
MB 30 Optics a=250 mm
MB 14 Optics a=300 mm
MB 14 Optics a=500 mm
MB 14 Optics a=800 mm
MB 14 Optics a=1300 mm
MB 14 Optics a=2000 mm
MB 18 Optics a=300 mm
MB 18 Optics a=500 mm
MB 18 Optics a=800 mm
MB 18 Optics a=1300 mm
MB 18 Optics a=2000 mm
MB 25 Optics a=300 mm
MB 25 Optics a=500 mm
MB 25 Optics a=800 mm
MB 25 Optics a=1300 mm
MB 25 Optics a=2000 mm
MB 30 Optics a=300 mm
MB 30 Optics a=500 mm
MB 30 Optics a=800 mm
MB 30 Optics a=1300 mm
MB 30 Optics a=2000 mm