IS 50-LO plus

该测温仪配备了光纤镜头,用于非接触式测量金属、石墨、陶瓷等物体,测温范围550-3300 °C。

Pyrometer IMPAC IS 50-LO plus View 1
Pyrometer IMPAC IS 50-LO plus View 2
Pyrometer IMPAC IS 50-LO plus Display View


  • 响应时间极短,小于1毫秒
  • 光斑尺寸超小,最小为0.45毫米
  • 内置液晶显示器
  • 激光靶光
  • 参数可通过集成键盘或接口进行设置
  • RS232 / RS485接口,可切换
  • 测试电流输出


IS 50-LO plus和IGA 50-LO plus是数字式、高精度测温仪,配备了光纤镜头,用于非接触式测量金属、石墨、陶瓷等物体,测温范围550-3300 °C。

该仪器配备了一根光纤以及一个可更换的光纤测头,不受电磁干扰(如:感应)的影响,最高耐温可达250 °C。





  • 金属模具
  • 冲压工具
  • 轴承、轴承外壳
  • 预热
  • 退火
  • 回火
  • 烧结
  • 锡焊
  • 轧钢
  • 铜焊
  • 正火


Technical Data

Temperature Range:

MB 14: 550...1400 °C 

MB 16: 600...1600 °C 

MB 18: 650...1800 °C    

MB 25: 750...2500 °C 

MB 33: 900...3300 °C 

MB 18L: 550...1800 °C

MB 20L: 600...2000 °C

Subrange: Any range adjustable within the temperature range, minimum span 51 °C
Spectral Ranges:

0.7 ... 1.1 µm

Signal Processing: Fotoelectric current, digitized immediately

Measuring uncertainty:

(at ε=1, t90=1 s,

Tamb.=23 °C)

below 1500 °C: 0.3% of measured value in °C + 1 °C

above 1500 °C: 0.5% of measured value in °C


Interface and display: 0.1°C, analog output:

< 0.1 % of the adjusted temperature range


(at ε=1, t90=1 s,

Tamb.=23 °C)

0.1% of reading in °C + 1°C
Emissivity ε: 20 ... 100% adjustable inside the instrument or via interface in steps of 0.1%
Exposure Time t90: < 1 ms adjustable to 0.01 s; 0.05 s; 0.25 s; 1 s; 3 s; 10 s
Maximum Value Storage:

Single or double storage; cleared by: preselected time interval or external deletion contact or via digital interface or automatically with the next measuring object

Sighting: Laser targeting (max. power level < 1 mW, λ = 630-680 nm, CDRH class II) 

Note: The calibration / adjustment of this pyrometer is carried out in accordance with VDI/ VDE 3511, Part 4.4. See for more information.


Analog Output:

Linear 0 ... 20 mA or 4 ... 20 mA, DC, switchable; load max. 500 Ohm

Serial Interface: Switchable: RS232 or RS485 (addressable), half duplex; baud rate 1.2 up to 115 kBd
Display: Illuminated LC display for temperature indication or parameter settings
Switch contact: Max. 0.15 A (to recognize a hot object in the measuring beam)
Test Current Output: 

Fixed 10 mA (for 0 to 20 mA analog output) or

fixed 12 mA (for 4 to 20 mA analog output) for

inspection of wiring and connected instruments


Adjustable at the instrument or via serial interface:

emissivity ε,  exposure time t90, analog output, address, baud rate, waiting time, °C / °F, setting of the maximum value storage, temperature sub range

Power Supply:

24 V AC or DC (12 - 30 V AC or DC)

(AC: 48 - 62 Hz)

Power Consumption: max. 2 W
Isolation: Power supply, digital interface, analog output are galvanically isolated against each other
Ambient Temperature:

0 ... 60 °C on the converter,

up to 250 °C on side of fiber / optical head


Storage Temperature: -20 .... 70 °C
Rel. Humidity: Non condensing conditions
Protection Class: IP54

Converter: 600 g;

Optical head II: 140 g;

Fiber (2.5 m): 250 g

CE-Label: According to EU directives about electromagnetic immunity
IMPAC 测温仪 IS 50-LO plus
Fixed Optics I a=120 mm
Fixed Optics I a=260 mm
Fixed Optics I a=700 mm
Fixed Optics II a=87 mm
Fixed Optics II a=200 mm
Fixed Optics II a=600 mm
Fixed Optics II a=4500 mm
Focusable Optics II a=88...110 mm
Focusable Optics II a=95...129 mm
Focusable Optics II a=105...161 mm
Focusable Optics II a=200...346 mm
Focusable Optics II a=247...606 mm
Focusable Optics II a=340...4500 mm