LUXTRON m920 Series Semiconductor Module

High Performance for Advanced Technology Applications

The m924 (4channel) and m922 (2channel) Semiconductor modules are the newest LUXTRON products for Etcher and Wafer Fab equipment temperature monitoring of Electrostatic Chucks, Chambers and other devices. The m920 Series modules are high performance solutions that are flexible, reliable and cost effective.

m920 Series Semiconductor Board
m920 Semiconductor OEM Module
m920 Semiconductor OEM Module - Back


  • 2 and 4 channels
  • “Mix and Match” Probes with boards and channels
  • Reliable design based on thousands of Luxtron systems installed worldwide
  • Custom Probes for OEM's Applications
  • Probes are suitable for all EMI environments: Plasma, RF, Microwave, Magnetic, High Voltage
  • Metal Enclosure available

New High Performance Fiber Optic Temperature Sensing solution based on Field Proven Reliability and Experienced Technical Application Support

LumaSense Technologies has more than 25 years experience integrating fiber optic temperature solutions into challenging applications. Thousands of the LumaSense LUXTRON OEM modules and boards have been installed with reliable performance. Our experienced applications engineering team in Santa Clara, CA supports custom integration and probe designs world-wide.

Flexible Mix and Match Probe Design

The m920 Series Semiconductor module and LumaSense custom probes are designed to allow complete mix and match of components. Any m920 Series module can be used with any probe on any channel without calibration. The m920 Series has built in calibration tables matched to the custom LumaSense probes for high accuracy measurements.

LumaSense Technologies has a long history of designing reliable probes for the most demanding fiber optic temperature measurement applications. Our engineers use their process and materials knowledge and in-house manufacturing capabilities to design the best probes for your application.

Easy Integration into OEM Equipment

The m920 Series consist of two boards. The Main Board contains fiber optic temperature sensing channels, digital output (RS-232 ASCII, RS-485 Modbus), and power connection. The Analog Output board provides 0 to 10V or 4 to 20mA output, and is mounted above the Main Board. An enclosure is available.

The m920 Series Main Board conditions the measurement signal from Fluoroptic® probes and reports a calibrated temperature to the OEM control system. The custom non-metallic probe sensors are safe in the harsh environments and connect to the m920 Main Board via robust fiber optics.

Backward Compatibility with LUXTRON m822 and m600 Series Modules, and LUXTRON Fluoroptic Probes

The m922 OEM system works with all current Semiconductor LUXTRON brand Fluoroptic® probes and fiber optic extensions. With more than 25 years of experience and thousands of systems installed worldwide, the Luxtron brand is the most trustworthy source for fiber optic temperature measurements. In addition the m920 Series user interface command is substantially the same as the m822 and m600 Series OEM modules.

Typical Applications

  • Plasma Etch Electrostatic Chuck monitoring
  • Plasma Shower monitor inside chamber
  • Temperature monitoring outside the chamber
  • Other Wafer Fab Equipment temperature monitoring
  • Semiconductor and FPD processing using RF and Plasma

Technical Specifications

Channels m922: 2
m924: 4
Measurement Rate Up to 50 Hz per channel
Measurement Range -100 ... 330 °C (probe dependent)
Accuracy (Probe Dependent) ±0.1 °C
Measurement Resolution 0.01°C
Operating Temperature -40 °C ... 85 °C
Analog Output 0-10 V or 4-20 mA
Serial Communication RS-232 and RS-485
Protocol ASCII and Modbus (RS-485)
Input Power +5 to 24VDC nominal @ 100 mA
Dimension (Main Board) 23.7 mm (H) x 100.6 mm (W) x 134.4 mm (L)
Optional Accessory Metal Enclosure for Electromagnetic Shielding

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