FWP-N38 Tank Wall Plate

The LumaSense Transformer Tank Wall Plate is designed to be easily bolted or welded to any transformer tank wall.

Tank Wall Plate with Feedthrough
Tank Wall Plate

Key Features

  • Up to 16 feedthroughs
  • Oil-proof materials (stainless steel)
  • Bolted or welded to the tank wall
  • Two-sided hole numbering
  • Compatible with OFT-N38 Feedthrough


With standard stainless steel construction, the FWP-N38 can be ordered with up to 16 feedthrough holes and can be fitted with leak-free plugs for unused holes.

The installation can either be done by bolting the plate on the tank wall or by welding it directly to the tank wall.

Every transformer tank wall plate ordered from LumaSense is rigorously tested with applied pressure to ensure that it is completely leak-free.

Two-sided hole numbering allows easy cable identification for proper allocation of each sensor to the selected optical channel.

Each manufactured plate is ready to receive a stainless steel protection cover (PCO-SS).

Typical Applications

  • Power Transformer Tank Wall
  • Other Sealed Environments


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