Kalibrierstrahler M390S

Ultra-Fast High Temperature Blackbody Calibration Source

Zweiteiliger Strahler für extrem hohe Temperaturen bei sehr kurzer Aufheizzeit. 600° to 3000 °C

Kalibrierstrahler M390S View

Key Features

  • Exceptional accuracy at high temperatures
  • ±0.25% of reading ± 1 °C
  • High effective emissivity of 1.0 between 0.65 to 1.8 µm
  • Rapid warm up/cool down time – only 5 minutes from ambient to 2300 °C
  • Manufactured and tested to meet rigid safety and quality standards
  • Furnished with certification of calibration traceable to NIST
  • Remote calibration set point control via RS 232


The M390S ultra high temperature blackbody calibrator is without parallel in its capability to produce very high temperature; high emissivity targets, and at the same time stabilize at the required temperature within a few minutes of switch-on. The cavity is a graphite tube target which is available with 25mm (1") aperture with an effective emissivity of 1.0 from 0.65 to 1.8 µm.

The M390S is a two-part Blackbody comprised of a controller section and an emitter section. The capability on the M390S is identical to the equivalent M390 with smaller size and weight due to the separation of controller from the emitter.

Target temperature is sensed by a rapid response LumaSense infrared thermometer which drives a PID controller to regulate the target temperature precisely to the desired value. The controller is mounted on the calibration source and remote set point programming may be achieved via an RS 232 communication port. All safety features to protect equipment and operator are easily accessible.

Typical Calibration Applications

  • Infrared Temperature Sensors
  • Infrared Thermal Imagers
  • Spectroradiometers
  • High Energy Photon Generators
  • Heat Flux Gauges and Colorometers
  • Solar Radiance Simulation
  • Optical Pyrometer



Temperature Range: 600 to 3000 °C (1112 to 5432 °F) Custom split design
Accuracy: ±0.25% of reading ±1 °C
Temperature Resolution:
Stability: ±1 °C
Uniformity: Non-uniformity: +/-0.1% +/-1 °C of reading within the center ½ of diameter.
Cavity: Closed end graphite tube 292 mm (11.5") long with approximately 127 mm (5") heated length
Source Exit Diameter: 25 mm (1.0").
Effective Emissivity
(as calibrated):
1.0(effective from 0.6 to 1.8 µm)
~0.96 (effective from 3 to 15 µm)
Standard Calibration Method: pyrometric
Temperature Sensor: LumaSense Infrared Thermometer
Remote Set Point: Via comm port
Method of Control: Digital PID controller.
Warm-up Time: 5 minutes from ambient to 2300 °C
Slew Rate (typical): 6 to 7 minutes from 100 to 2300 °C
Operating Ambient Temp: 0 to 44 °C (32 to 110 °F)
Cooling: Water cooled. Standard (garden) hose connection on rear, 3.8 lpm (1 gpm minimum)
Cooling Inlet Pressure: 90 PSI (621 kPa) maximum. Customer is responsible to provide pressure safety valves at inlet and outlet.  Outlet (drain) must not be blocked.
Purge Gas: Argon High Purity (99.99 % pure)
Purge Gas Inlet Pressure: 25 PSI (172 kPa) maximum.  Customer is responsible to provide over pressure safety valves at inlet
Heating Element Type: Graphite tube with argon gas purge, 226 L/h  (8 – 10 cfh)
High Temperature Sensor (300-2300 °C): LumaSense Infrared Thermometer
Operating Humidity: 0 to 90% RH non-condensing
Power Requirements: 208…240V AC @ 50 & 60 Hz
Power Connector: Customer Supplied. Must use plug that complies with IEC-309 at 110 Amps 
Dimensions (H x W x D): Blackbody: 34.5” (87.6 cm) H x 22” (55.9 cm) W x 38.5” (97.8 cm) D
Controller 19” Rack mount, 7” (17.8 cm) H x 18” (46 cm) D.
Weight: M390S controller is about 4.6 kg (10.2 lbs) Main cavity is about 177 kg (390 lbs)
CE Certified: Yes by similar design


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