Advanced Ventilation Software 7651

The Advanced Ventilation Software 7651 enables remote control of a 1512 Gas Monitor and a 1403 Sampler and Doser unit. The software coordinates the functions of the instruments to form a monitoring system which, via tubing, can perform ventilation and air exchange measurements. The system can also perform gas monitoring tasks in up to 6 different locations.

Innova 7651 Ventilation Software
Gas Monitor INNOVA 1512
Sampler and Doser Unit INNOVA 1403

Key Features

  • Synchronizes the functions of a Sampler and Doser unit to the measurement cycle of a Gas Monitor
  • Flexibility in the choice of tracer gas , SF6 or Freon 134a
  • Stores up to five gas concentrations, air humidity and amount of tracer gas delivered
  • Enabling all tracer gas methods: concentration decay, constant injection and constant concentration
  • Calculates air exchange, age-of-air and air flow in ducts
  • Up to nine curves can be shown, allowing direct comparison of results from different locations.

Application areas

  • Ventilation and air exchange measurements using tracer gases in up to 3 locations
  • Flow in ducts
  • Multi-gas monitoring in up to 6 locations
  • Tracking of pollutant spread
  • Multi Gas Monitoring e.g. Freon 134a and CO2 as complimentary marker in indoor air quality applications


Ventilation Measurement Tasks

The 7651 enables comprehensive ventilation measurements. The use of a Multipoint Sampler and Doser unit allows up to 3 dosing and 6 sampling points.

The user sets up the sampler and doser unit by selecting the dosing/sampling channels and the type of dosing to be used in the task. Dosing can be done either by providing a constant flow of tracer gas to one location or by maintaining a constant concentration of tracer gas at up to three locations. Up to six different dosing setups can be made and stored by the 7651; the user can switch between different setups during a measurement task. The software controls the Gas Monitor and which gases to be measured at each location.

When setting up is complete, the measurement task can be started. The 7651 runs the measurement procedure automatically; measurement results are displayed on the computer’s screen and can be stored for further analysis.

The 1512 Photoacoustic Gas  Monitor and 1403 Multipoint Sampler and Doser unit are connected to the computer via USB. The user decides where the measurements will be performed and connects the Sampler and Doser unit to these locations with tubing. The locations can then be “dosed” with tracer gas, and air samples can be taken to be analyzed by the Gas Monitor.

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