Offline Software

BZ7003 Offline Software - Free Version to set up the Gas Monitor without connecting it to a PC and can be used to download data stored in the gas monitors internal memories.

Offline Software Sample Measurement
Read device units

BZ7003 will utilize the USB interface in the newer 1412i, 1314i, 3434i and 1512 Gas Monitors: To use the USB interface the Monitors serial number must be from:

  • 1412i: 713-001
  • 1512: 110-001
  • 1314i: 702-001
  • 3434i: 952-001

BZ7003 will also be able to run via the RS232 interface using the older 1412i, 1314i, 3434i with lower serial numbers.

Furthermore the BZ7003 also runs via the RS232 interface with the 1412A, 1314A, 3434A models.


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