SF6 Leak Detector - 3434i

Detecting and quantifying Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) leakages in the T&D and Power industry

The SF6 Leak Detector 3434i from LumaSense offers an unmatched combination of performance and convenience. Based on the company’s Photoacoustic Spectroscopy (PAS) technology, the system offers highly accurate, repeatable, and reliable quantitative gas analysis and detection. The growing environmental requirements and pressures regarding the use of SF6 make LumaSense’s system a coveted tool designed for routine testing or continuous monitoring at minimal costs.

SF6 Leak Detector Innova 3434i View
SF6 Leak Detector Innova 3434i Front View

Application Areas

  • QA/QC Leakage Compliance Testing on Gas-Insulated Switch-gear (GIS) - Integral Leak Testing
  • Circuit breaker leak testing and maintenance
  • Area leak monitoring in indoor substations, or in manufacturing halls

Key Features

  • Limit of detection at 6ppb, using a highly specific optical filter
  • Excellent linearity over a high dynamic range
  • Easy-to-use, one-button measurement with a 13 second response time for simple, ultra-fast gas detection
  • Highly stable, with no consumables or radioactive sources
  • Portable and rugged—relocate the detector without loss in accuracy or need for re-calibration
  • Exceptional accuracy with auto-compensation for temperature and pressure fluctuations, as well as water vapor compensation and measurement
  • Expandable to an area monitoring system in 24 locations with 1409 Multi-point Sampler
  • Remote control capability via LAN using the LumaSoft Gas Single Point 7810 or Multi Point 7870 software
  • Includes BZ7002 Calibration Software
  • Includes BZ7003 Offline Software to set up the Gas Monitor without connecting it to a PC and to download data stored in the gas monitors internal memories.


Leakage Compliance Testing on SF6 insulated switchgear

In order to meet final test standards, as well as to uphold any new regulations that may be enforced to enable the continued use of SF6, a manufacturer of SF6 insulated electrical switch-gear must perform quality assurance testing. The SF6 Leak Detector system's accuracy and low detection limits enable manufacturers to complete these tests more efficiently and with greater precision.

The system is able to measure the total concentration of the SF6 gas in an enclosed area, where the switch-gear (or other SF6 filled equipment) is tested. The test chamber being used as accumulation volume, the quantitative leakage rate can be deducted with accuracy from the SF6 concentration build-up. The superior accuracy and resolution of LumaSense’s SF6 Leak Detector enables a quick response time for the compliance test..

Area Leak Monitoring

Beyond the need to verify with the industry standards for SF6 leakage rate on their switchgears, the equipment manufacturers and the power utilities must also inventory and report on their SF6 losses and emissions throughout the SF6 handling processes in their facilities.

A continuous area monitoring system is highly recommended to alarm on SF6 leakage events and trigger rapid condition-based repair and maintenance. The lower the detection limit, the earlier the alarm on a leak, and the less chance for SF6 reported losses and fines.

The SF6 Leak Detector system meets all of the requirements with high-sensitivity, standalone and reliable 24/7 operation, and minimal maintenance needs. Furthermore, the detector can be easily combined with a Multipoint Sampler 1409 to broaden the monitoring area with up to 24 sampling lines, hence also mapping the monitored area to help pin pointing the leak source.

Readily Available to Measure Alternative Insulation Gases

For many years already, the key GIS manufacturers have been conducting active R&D to develop alternative insulation gas, with much lower global warming potential (GWP), in replacement of the SF6 in particular for high voltage applications. However, it is expected that very low leakage rate will remain enforced even with alternative substances. LumaSense’s INNOVA 3434i will be readily available to measure and quantify the leak rates of the new substances (and/or SF6) with only a very limited configuration change needed on the instrument.

Reliable, Stable and Simple to Use

Turn it on and press the "Measure" button. That's really all that you need to know. The monitor's extended self-test routines maintain the reliability of the results, which are available on-line or can be downloaded as required. The only maintenance tasks necessary are recommended annual calibration and changing the air filter. Both tasks are easily performed.

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Technical Data

Measurement Technique 
Photoacoustic infrared spectroscopy.
The UA0988 optical filter is installed to measure SF6.
Measurement Specifications1
Detection Limit: Gas-dependent, but typically in the ppb region. Using the Gas Detection Limits chart, the detection limit for a selected sample integration time (S.I.T.) can be calculated.
Dynamic Range: Typically 4 orders of magnitude (i.e. 10,000 times the detection limit at 5 S.I.T.). Using two span concentrations it can be expanded to 5 orders of magnitude.
Zero Drift:

Typically ± Detection limit4 per 3 months1

Influence of temperature2 : +/- 10 % of detection limit4 /°C.

Influence of Pressure3 : +/-0.5 % of detection limit4 /mbar.

Repeatability: 1 % of measured value1
Range Drift:

+/- 2.5 % of measured value per 3 months1

Influence of temperature2 : +/- 0.3 % of measured value/°C.

Influence of pressure3 : -0.01 % of measured value/mbar.

Response Time
Is dependent on the Sample Integration Time (S.I.T.) and the flushing time defined. Please see the examples below:
Monitor-Setup  Response Times
S.I.T.: „Normal“ (5 s)
Flushing: Auto, (tube: 1 m)
One gas: ~27 s
1 gas + water: ~40 s
S.I.T.: “Low Noise” (20 s) Flushing: Auto, (tube 1 m)  1 gas + water: ~70 s
S.I.T.: “Fast” (1 s)
Flushing: Chamber 4s,
Tube “OFF”
One gas: ~13s
5 gases + water:
Reference Conditions:
1 Measured at 20 °C , 1013 mbar, and relative humidity (RH): 60%. (A concentration of 100x detection limit4 was used in determining these specifications.)

2 Measured at 1013 mbar, and RH: 60 %.

3 Measured at 20 °C and RH: 60 %.

4 Detection limit is @5 s S.I.T


The 3434i automatically compensates for temperature and pressure fluctuations in its analysis cell and can compensate for water vapor in the air sample.

Pumping Rate: 30 cm3/s (flushing sampling tube) and 5 cm3/s (flushing measurement chamber).
Power Requirement: 100-240 VAC +/- 10%, 50-60 Hz.
Power Consumption: ~85 VA.
Total Internal Volume: The total Internal Volume of the measurement system: 60cm3
Air Volume per sample:
Flushing Settings Volume of Air
Auto: Tube Length: 1m 140 cm3 /sample
Fixed time: Chamber 2s, Tube 3s 100 cm3 /sample
Fixed time: Chamber 2s,Tube “OFF” 10 cm3 /sample
Alarm Relay Socket: for connection to one or two alarm relays (visual/audio). Alarm levels for each gas are user-defined. Max. 25 VDC, max.100 mA.

Height: 175 mm (6.9 in).

Width: 395 mm (15.6 in).

Depth: 300 mm (11.8 in).

Weight: 9 kg (19.8lbs).


The monitor has three interfaces, USB, Ethernet, and RS232, for data exchange and remote control of the 3434i. The PC software communicates using the USB, Ethernet, or RS232 interface.
Compliance with Standards
The 3434i has the following certifications:
  • CE-mark (for compliance with EMC and Low Voltage Directives),
  • NEMKO-mark (for compliance with UL and CSA standards)

The detailed Certificate of Conformity documents are available in our download section.

Detection Limits

Converting concentration units

The detection limits in the Detection Limit Chart are given in "parts per million" by volume (ppm) at 20°C and 1 atmosphere of pressure. These values can be converted into the concentration unit "mg/m3" by using the equation below:

For a gas at 20°C and at 1 atmosphere of pressure:
Concentration (mg/m3)= [Concentration(ppm) * Molec. weight (g/mol)] / [24.04 l/mol]

Detection Limit (for SF6):
Gas Detection limit (ppm) Filter number
SF6 0.006 at 5 S.I.T. UA0988

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