Tracer Gas Systems - 3750-2 / 3750-5

The INNOVA 3750-2 Basic Ventilation System Dual Gas version and INNOVA 3750-5 Basic Ventilation System Multi Gas version are unique fully integrated solutions in the market. By enabling the use of accurate tracer gas methods, they are excellent products to perform advanced performance studies or testing on ventilation system.

Supervises the tracer gas methods:

  • Concentration Decay
  • Constant injection
Tracer Gas Systems - 3750-2 / 3750-5

Key Features

  • Multi Gas Monitoring, e.g. SF6 as tracer and CO2 as complementary marker in indoor air quality application
  • Flexibility in the choice of tracer gas, (SF6 or R134a)
  • Enabling all tracer gas methods: concentration decay, constant injection (or tracer gas dilution)
  • Low detection limit and advanced dosing control to minimize the consumption of expensive tracer gas
  • Ease of use, even for non-experts in gas instrumentation
  • “Calibration free”


Each tracer gas system includes a field proven and accurate Photoacoustic Gas Monitor INNOVA 1512, in combination with a Multipoint Sampler and Doser unit INNOVA 1403 and with the Basic Ventilation Software 7650.

Tracer Gas Systems - INNOVA 3750-2 / INNOVA 3750-5


Typical Applications

  • Air Change Rate, or Age-of-air determination
  • Infiltration (or inleakage) characterization
  • Volumetric or mass flow rate measurement using tracer gas dilution
  • Contaminant spread analysis, Re-circulation or re-entrainment testing
  • Capture efficiency of extraction systems

Different Models

All our tracer gas systems include at minimum one Photoacoustic Gas Monitor, one Sampler/Doser unit, and application software for the setup and the online monitoring of the complete system. Connectivity accessories are also supplied.

Model 3750-2:

Photoacoustic Gas Monitor (INNOVA 1512-2) for dual-gas monitoring, Sampler/Doser (INNOVA 1403) with 6 sampling ports, and 7650 Basic Ventilation software

Model 3750-5: Photoacoustic Gas Monitor (INNOVA 1512-5) for multi-gas monitoring (up to 5 different gas compounds), Sampler/Doser (INNOVA 1403) with 6 sampling ports, and 7650 Basic Ventilation  software

Each system is factory calibrated based upon the set of gases selected upon order. The INNOVA 1512 monitor can be calibrated for SF6, R134a, … and CO2 and typically exhibits limit of detection in the ppb range for the most usual compounds used as tracer gas.


Principles of operation

The principle of tracer gas measurement methods relies on a controlled release of a tracer gas (normally absent from the air background) in a control-volume and on the measurement of the tracer gas concentration in various locations of the control-volume, or downstream of the tracer gas release. The relative quantity of released gas versus its residual concentration over time is used to compute air change rate or other key ventilation characteristics.

The accuracy of the photoacoustic tracer gas monitor and an appropriate spatial distribution of the sampling points (made possible with our 6-channel sampler) are critical features to enhance the inherent precision of tracer gas methods.

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