SmartDGA® Software

SmartDGA® software enables easy setup and interpretation of online DGA results. SmartDGA™ software makes condition based maintenance (CBM) easy by providing DGA data access in multiple platforms. Allows customized device configuration for SmartDGA Gauge™, SmartDGA Guard™ and SmartDGA Guide™.

SmartDGA Viewer software - Home Screen

SmartDGA Commissioning Tool

The SmartDGA Commissioning Tool enables users to set up a SmartDGA® system using an easy-to-use tutorial.

DGA Viewer™ Software

The DGA Viewer software contains all the controls you need to monitor, configure, and control SmartDGA Instruments.



SmartDGA Software - Setup Screen

Device Configuration:
Customized gas detection levels of Caution, Warning, and Alarm values. Included are user-configurable settings for each gas Rate of Change detection levels. Ratio setpoint activation is also available.

SmartDGA Software - Details Screen

Details Screen:
Review Gas levels and PPM/day as well as Ratios in a single screen. The last and next measurement date and times are also visible.

SmartDGA Software - Dashboard

DGA Dashboard:
The DGA Viewer™ software displays all connected instruments with status as well as the last and next sampling times

SmartDGA Software - Duval Triangle

Duval Triangle:
Visual diagnostic tool divided into fault zones based on the types of electrical and thermal faults as defined in Duval triangle type 1 and 2 for transformers and LTCs respectively.

SmartDGA Software - Trends

The Trends screen displays all detected gases via a trend graph over a user-selectable period of time. Each gas can be individually displayed or all 9 gases can be displayed at once.

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