SmartDGA Guide™

SmartDGA Guide™ provides comprehensive online DGA results that enable diagnostic techniques. The Guide measures and reports nine (9) DGA gases plus moisture in an instrument that vastly reduces total cost of ownership of an on-line monitoring system.

  • Identify potential faults prior to failures (reducing unplanned outages and associated costs)
  • Proactively investigate premature aging or the cause of faults of a transformer
SmartDGA Guide™ - Online 9 gas moisture DGA monitor View
SmartDGA Side View

Cost-effective and accurate gas detection solution based on Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) sensor technology to measure fault gases in transformers

The SmartDGA® family of instruments is the industry’s most cost effective Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) solution, designed to be the most flexible and to provide the best user experience available. Each model has been designed using state-of-the-art Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) technology. The continuous online DGA values reported by the SmartDGA® instrument quickly identify potential fault conditions through monitoring of key gas levels and ratios.


SmartDGA Guide™ Key Functional Features

  • The SmartDGA Guide™ package includes the instrument, mounting hardware, connection cable, the SmartDGA EZHub™ unit, and SmartDGA Viewer Software.
  • Versatile mounting configurations – including single and dual valve mount. Inline mounting is available for LTC filter system or non-valve mounting for a transformer.
  • Extremely cost effective – total cost of ownership is a fraction of the cost of other instruments and installation can be accomplished in just hours.
  • No consumables, carrier gases, or scheduled calibration required.
  • Sunlight visible indicators for Caution, Warning, and Alarm conditions. Has Status Relay notification and corrective action triggering to ensure optimal system operations.
  • Communications supported via all major protocols common in the electric power industry such as Modbus RTU, DNP 3.0, and IEC 61850 with the optional iCore.

Technical Data

Instrument Specifications

NDIR Gas Phase Sensor Accuracy

± 5% or ± LDL, whichever is greater

Reporting Rate Every 24 hours - default, user selectable from approximately 3 hours to 7 days. 
Measurement Range Minimum value is the lower detectable limit, maximum value is the upper limit of accurate response

Moisture Accuracy

± 3 ppm or ± 2% RS

Oil Pressure up to 45 psig (3 bar)
Enclosure Rating IP 55

Sunlight visible indicators for condition codes

Note: Indicators normally flash on for 5 seconds, off for 15 seconds

  • Green - Normal
  • Yellow - Caution
  • Blue - Warning
  • Red - Alarm
  • Red/Blue - System Status Error
  • Green/Yellow - Loss of Communication
Operating Temperature* -50 to 55 °C 
Storage Temperature  -50 to 70 °C
Storage Humidity (non-condensing) 1-99% RH
(L x H x D)
20.9” x 8.6” dia.
Weight ~18.74 lbs
Standards Compliance
The SmartDGA system underwent thorough testing and complies with the following standards.
Emissions / Immunity

EN 61000-6-5 (2001)

EN 61000-6-4 (2007) +A1

EN 61000-3-2 (2006) +A1

EN 61000-3-3 (2008)

Environmental / Vibration ETSI EN 300 019-2-4
Surge Protection 4000V (IEEE C37.90.1-2002)
SmartDGA Guide™ Gas Measurements (Min-Max)
0.5-50,000 ppm
(C2 H4)
2-50,000 ppm
Carbon Monoxide
10-10,000 ppm
5-10,000 ppm
Carbon Dioxide
10-20,000 ppm
2-50,000 ppm
2-20,000 ppm
500-50,000 ppm
5,000-100,000 ppm
EZHub™ & LumaSMART iCore™ Specifications 

Power Supplied to EZHub & iCore

90 ~ 264 VAC, 127 ~ 370 VDC, 47 ~ 63 Hz, 6.5 A max

Power Supplied to Instrument 48 VDC ~ 4.16 A max


Up to 40+ years worth of data storage available with optional iCore

Data Export (Available with EZHub and iCore/PC) Export of results to date in a single file onto a USB memory stick. When using iCore/PC, user can select date range; when using EZHub port, all data is exported

Available Communications (Available with EZHub)

Proprietary communications via RS485 and Ethernet connections to DGA Viewer software

Optional Communications (Modbus available with PC, others available with iCore) IEC61850 Edition 2, DNP3 IEEE Std 1815-2012, ModBus RTU V1.02, ModBus TCP/IP 1.0b protocols
EZHub Alarm Contacts  (3) programmable relay outputs (Type C, NO/NC) for caution, warning, & alarm (1) alarm relay output for system status (Type C, NO/NC)
Relay Contact Ratings Single phase alarm relays (8 A, 250 VAC; 5 A, 30 VDC)

*For operating temperatures less than -20 °C, the cold weather cable is required. Additional eating of oil transfer lines may be required for operation in cold locations. The unit will generate a system fault if the mineral oil temperature is outside of standard fluid limits of -20 and 120 °C. For operating in environments where the temperature routinely exceeds 40 °C, the high temperature accessory is recommended to prevent premature aging and reduction of component lifetime. Temperatures are based upon air temperatures for unit installation in shaded location.

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