DA 6000-N

IMPAC DA 6000-N LED digital display with RS485 interface for stationary digital pyrometers

Reference number: 3 890 570

DA 6000-N

Key Features

  • For stationary IMPAC digital pyrometers
  • Temperature display with 5 digit 7-segment LED
  • Mode display with 4 digit alphanumeric LED
  • Everything via digital R485 interface
  • Fast temperature display
  • Read and change all pyrometer parameters without PC


DA 6000-N is a high-precision LED indicator for IMPAC non-contact temperature measuring devices with excellent additional properties.

Beyond pure indication of measured temperature, you can parametrize a connected IMPAC digital pyrometer via the DA 6000-N completely, without any PC. This is especially interesting for measurement of batches with different properties (e.g. different emissivities or different dimensions). When a new batch starts, you can change the corresponding parameters from the operation desk (e.g. emissivity, response time, reset time of the maximum value storage, measuring subrange).

The digital interface of DA 6000-N version is a RS485 (half-duplex). RS485 is necessary if used with large cable lengths. In this case the digital pyrometer of course has to be equipped with an RS485, too.


Temperature display  
5 digit 7 segment LED, 13 mm, red
Menu display  
4 digit LED matrix, 5 mm, red  

Temperature range  
-100,0°C...3200°C (-148,0°F...5792°F)  

Power supply  
85...265 V AC, 48...62 Hz or 18...30 V DC, ripple max 0.5 Vpp  

Power consumption  
approx. 7 VA (no external devices connected)  

Pyrometer interface  
Galvanically separated, RS485 half duplex, Baudrate 1.2...38.4 kBd for communication with a digital pyrometer  

Operating ambient temperature  
0...50°C on the housing  

Storage temperature  

approx. 350 g  

Enclosure rating  
Front panel IP 40, otherwise IP 20 (DIN 40 050)  

Display resolution  
0.1°C up to 999,9°C; 1°C for temps. above (0.2°F up to 1831.8°F, 1°F above)  

Plasic housing (flame retardant Noryl), 48 x 96 x 141 mm (DIN 43 700) front panel fixed with screw clips.  

Front panel cut-out  
45+0,6 x 92+0,8 mm  

Mounting depth required  
= 165 mm with clips and cable  

Connector type  
Plug-in clips, clamping area 0.13 to 2.5 mm2 (AWG 28 to 16) with conductor end tubes 0.5 to 1.5 mm2  

Measuring rate  
depends on baud rate, e.g. 50 ms at 19.2 kBd

  • Display refresh time: 300 ms or immediately (see measuring rate) at changes > 5°C
  • Toggling °C/°F display unit only, not pyrometer
  • Menu depends on type connected pyrometer and operating mode  


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