DA 6000

IMPAC DA 6000 LED digital display with RS 232 interface for analog and digital pyrometers

Reference number: 3 890 520

DA 6000 View 1
DA 6000 View 2
DA 6000 View 3
DA 6000 with Pyrometer

Key Features

  • Temperature display: 5 digit 7 segment LED
  • Mode display: 4 digit alphanumeric LED
  • Analog-interfaces: 0/4 ... 20 mA input and output
  • Digital-interface: RS 232
  • With analog pyrometer: Adjustable low-pass filter, Maximum storage (2 ms), Range zooming for the analog output, Data recording with InfraWin
  • With digital pyrometer: Read and change all pyrometer, parameters without PC


DA 6000 is a high-precision LED indicator for IMPAC non-contact temperature measuring devices with excellent additional properties.

Beyond pure indication of measured temperature you can parametrize a connected IMPAC digital pyrometer via the DA 6000 completely, without any PC.

DA 6000 can also digitize the current signal of a connected analog pyrometer and apply some post-processing algorithms like low-pass filtering or max/min storage.

The analog output signal can be “zoomed” to a subrange of the pyrometer’s temperature range. Additionally, there are 2 alarm switches available.

Or you use the digital interface to transfer data to a PC (InfraWin software is included) or to another digital system.
Analog input and output (0/4 ... 20 mA each) can be defined independently from each other. So the conversion from 4...20 mA into 0...20 mA is possible.

The digital interface of this DA 6000 version is a RS 232.


Temperature display  
5 digit 7 segment-LED, 13 mm, red  

Operating mode indication
4-digit LED matrix, 5 mm, red  

Measurement range  
-100.0°C...3200°C (-148.0°F...5792°F)  

Power supply  
85...265 V AC, 48...62 Hz or 18...30 V DC, ripple max 0.5 Vpp  

Power consumption  
Approx. 7 VA (without external devices connected)  

Analog input [aMes]  
(mode [aMes] only) 0/4...20 mA input, galvanically separated, auxiliary power supply for 2-wire pyrometers: 24 V; input resistance: 20 O  

Analog output  
Galvanically separated, 0/4...20 mA active output, load max 500 O, restriction to a partial measurement range can be chosen freely  

Digital interface  
Galvanically separated, RS232  half duplex, addressable, baud rate 1.2 to 38.4 kBd, for communication with a digital pyrometer [dMes], or with a computer [aMes]  

Alarm outputs  
2 relays outputs (switchable), 6 A, 400 V AC, 300 V DC, max 1500 W. optionally semiconductor relays 3 A, 60 V AC/DC (on request)  

Pilot light supply  
switchable 5 V DC output, max 50 mA (e.g. for pilot light IS 300 or IGA 300)  

Reset input  
To reset the stored maximum value with an external signal (TTL level or external contact)  

0.1% of measurement range for analog input and output  

0.05% of measurement range  

Operating ambient temperature  
0...50°C on the housing  

Storage temperature  

approx. 350 g  

Enclosure rating  
Front panel IP 40, otherwise IP 20 (DIN 40 050)  

Display resolution  
0.1°C for temp. values up to 999.9°C, 1°C for temps. above (0.2°F up to 1831.8°F, 1°F above)  

Plastic housing (flame retardant Noryl), 48 x 96 x 141 mm (DIN 43 700), front panel fixed with screw clips  

Front panel cut-out  
45+0,6 x 92+0,8 mm  

Mounting depth required  
= 165 mm with clips and cable  

Connector type  
Plug-in clips, clamping area 0.13 to 2.5 mm2 (AWG 28 to 16) with conductor end tubes 0.5 to 1.5 mm2  

Operating mode analog measurement[aMes]  

  • Measuring rate: 1 ms
  • response time: 1, 10, 50, 250 ms, 1, 3, 10 s (adjustable)
  • Maximum Value storage adjustable: OFF, 10, 50, 250 ms, 1, 5, 25 s, external, auto; t90 = 2 ms
  • Analog output refresh time: 1 ms
  • Display refresh time: 300 ms or immediately (< 30 ms) at changes > 5°C
  • 2 alarm contacts with hysteresis (adjustable within the measuring range)
  • Toggling °C/°F  

Operating mode digital measurement [dMes]  

  • Measuring rate depends on baud rate, e.g. 50 ms at 19.2 kBd
  • Refresh time of analog output: same as measuring rate
  • Display refresh time: 300 ms or immediately (< 30 ms) at changes > 5°C
  • 2 alarm contacts with hysteresis (adjustable within the measuring range)
  • Toggling °C/°F (display unit only, not pyrometer)
  • Menu depends on type of connected pyrometer and operating mode  

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