HT 6000

Battery driven portable indicator and instrument for the setting of parameters of stationary digital IMPAC pyrometers via serial interface.

Reference number: 3 826 500

HT 6000 View 1
HT 6000 View 2
HT 6000 with Pyrometer

For digital pyrometer of series 5, 12, 50, 140, 210, 510

  • Automatic detection of the pyrometer type
  • For parametrizing of pyrometers
  • Actual temperature reading
  • Simple menu operation
  • Interface selectable RS232 <=> RS485
  • UPP® (Universal Pyrometer Protocol)


LCD, 2 x 12 characters
Interface (selectable)  
RS232 or RS485 half duplex  

9-pin sub D connector (female)  

Language of display (selectable)  
German, English, French, Italian, Spanish 

Display of temperature (selectable)  
°C / °F  

Data protocol  
UPP® (for all stationary digital IMPAC pyrometers)  

9 V IEC 6 F22 / IEC 6 LR 61 (500 mAh)  

Battery life  
~ 18 h  

Corresponding EU rules about electromagnetic immunity  

Protection class  

Max. ambient temperature  
0 ... 50°C  

Storage temperature  
-10 ... +60°C  

Weight (incl. batterie)  
Approx. 220 g  

189 x 72 x 37 mm

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