Controller PI 6000-N

IMPAC PI 6000-N fast programmable PID controller for fixed pyrometers 24 V DC, with InfraWin CD

Reference number: 3 826 520


Controller PI 6000-N

The PI 6000-N is a fast programmable PID controller that is optimized for use with any pyrometers with analog output 0 or 4 to 20 mA as a transducer and therefore provides an extremely fast controller cycle time of only 250 μs.

The display and controls on the front of the unit are designed for the control and monitoring of a programmed PID control system. The unit can store 9 control programs with up to 20 temperature steps ("segments"), long-term control systems are also possible with the continuous mode.

The PI 6000-N is programmed using a PC to prevent inadvertent changes to the entries by the user.

A PC is not necessary for the operation of the controller, the unit is controlled directly using the buttons on the PI 6000-N.


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