Controller PI 6000

Extremely fast, digital, programmable PID controller for using in combination with a digital IMPAC pyrometer

Reference number: 3 826 510

PI 6000 Front View
PI 6000 Back View

Key Features

  • Extremely fast with 250 µs sampling time 
  • Easy programming via PC 
  • 9 single controlling programs storable 
  • Handling independent of a PC 
  • For use with a digital IMPAC pyrometer as transducer 
  • Automatic detection of the connected pyrometer 
  • Automatic PI self tuning 
  • Additional connector for an alarm pyrometer 
  • Automatic on-off operation for generators with limitations on the minimum level


The PI 6000 is a fast, autonomously operating PID programmable controller for usage in connection with an IMPAC digital pyrometer.

The utilization of a pyrometer as a transducer provides very fast actual value measurement. These values are processed extremely quickly in the PI 6000 with a sampling time of only 250 µs. The device is therefore predominantly used in applications in which fast temperature measurement and control are required, e.g. in induction surface hardening.

Up to 9 control programs can be programmed in the PI 6000; these programs can be used to define desired temperatures that can be applied one after the other with changes from one temperature to the next controlled, based on time or temperature. The Auto-Tune function automatically finds unknown control parameters for new tasks. As a result even difficult control tasks can be solved.

The control programs are prepared easily using a PC and the InfraWin software supplied, then the PI 6000 operates autonomously without a PC.
The control programs saved can be selected, started, stopped or even briefly interrupted using the buttons on the controller; inadvertent changes to the control data are not possible on the PI 6000.

In operation, the display provides information on the actual temperature measured by the pyrometer, the control program selected as well as the controller output's activity. LEDs over the buttons indicate the program status.

In addition the InfraWin software has features for analyzing and monitoring the actual control process; a useful instrument for the optimization of the control parameters and placing in operation.


Technical Specifications

Measured data display 4-digit 7-segment LED display, 13 mm, red
Display of the measuring unit °C or °F, 7 mm, red
Program no. display Single digit 7-segment LED display, 13 mm, red
Controlled variable display 10-section vertical LED bar display, approx. 4.5 mm wide, red
Sampling time 250 µs
Proportional element Xp 0.0 ... 1000.0%
Integration time Ki 0 to 10 minutes in 10 ms steps
Differential time Kd 0 to 10 minutes in 10 ms steps
Controlled variable limiting 0.0 ... 100.0%
Duration of a program step (segment) Up to 27 minutes in 1/10 s steps, up to 4.5 hours in 1 s steps, up to 45.5 hours in 10 s steps, "CONT" for continuous operation
Number of programs Maximum  9
Number of temperature steps (segments) Maximum 20 per control program
AutoTune mode For determining Xp and Ki (Kd = 0) for a control temperature
Power supply 18 ... 30 V DC, ripple < 50 mVpp
Power consumption Approx. 2.5 W (controller without external load)
Analog input 1: (measurement pyrometer) 0/4... 20 mA, input resistance approx. 120 Ω for transferring the measured values from the pyrometer to the PI 6000
Analogue input 2: (optional alarm pyrometer) 0/4 ... 20 mA, input resistance approx. 120 Ω, for connection of an additional pyrometer for shut-down in case of overtemperature (safety shut-down)
Analogue output (electrically isolated from the power supply) 0/4 ... 20 mA output, load max. 500 Ω, continuous controlled variable 0 ... 100%
Digital interface to the pyrometer Can be changed between RS232 or RS485 half duplex, for communication with the measurement pyrometer. The transmission speed is automatically adjusted to the same speed as is set on the PC interface.
Digital interface to the PC (electrically isolated from the power supply) RS232, transmission speed 9600... 38400 Bd for connection to a PC or a higher level controller (PLC)
Control input Contact (normally open) for starting and stopping the selected control program, power supply positive or negative can be used as the reference
Control outputs: 4 semiconductor relays, maximum load 50 V DC or 36 V AC 0.2 A
  • Signal when a control program is running
  • Signal when the generator is to provide power
  • Signal when the alarm pyrometer (option) has triggered a safety shut-down
  • Pulse of selectable length when the control program has been completed
Operating temperature 0 ... 50 °C at the housing
Storage temperature -20 ... 70 °C
Weight Approx. 250 g
Ingress protection Front IP40, terminals IP20 (in accordance with DIN 40 050)
Protection class Protection class III (in accordance with EN61140)
Display resolution 1°C or 1°F
Housing Plastic housing (flame-retardant Noryl), 48 x 96 x 141 mm (H x W x D) in accordance with DIN 43 700 with screw clips for front panel mounting
Front panel cut-out 45+0.6 x 92+0.8 mm
Installation depth required ≥ 165 mm with terminals and cables
Connections Plug-in terminals, wire cross-section 0.14 ... 2.5 mm² (AWG 26 ... 14), with ferrules: 0.5 ... 1.5 mm²

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