IO 8-6 Module /
IA 2 Module

IO 8-6: IO-Module RS485 with 8 Inputs, 6 Relay outputs (can only be used with ISR 6-TI Advanced)

  • Reference number: 3 826 770

IA 2: Analog output module with 2 analog outputs (can be used only together with IO 8-6)

  • Reference number: 3 826 780
I/O Module and IA-2 Module

The IO 8-6 can be used for input and output of digital signals. It consists of one module which can be mounted onto a DIN rail.

In order to be used with the program InfraWin, the IO 8-6 has to be integrated into the RS485-bus. The bus address of the IO-Box is hard coded to “90”. The RS485-bus must be terminated with resistor. The whole RS485-bus (pyrometer and IO 8-6) must be connected to the PC via a RS485 <=> USB converter.


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