PROFINET Protocol converter

IMPAC protocol converter UPP RS485 <-> ProfiNet, for up to 32 pyrometers

Reference number: 3 852 630

Profinet Converter

The RS485 – PROFINET IO – converter is designed for the connection of digital INFRATHERM pyrometers made by LUMASENSE to the PROFINET network.

It is possible to connect up to 32 pyrometers with RS485 UPP-Interface to one converter.

The converter operates as master on the RS485 bus and as slave on the PROFINET network. The data is transferred between the pyrometer and the converter via an RS 485 interface. The data from the converter to the PLC is transferred using the PROFINET protocol. The device features 2 Profinet-ports - one port can for instance be used as outgoing Profinet-port. The data is exchanged via a Dual-RAM memory.


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