SG-Fitting for LO Instruments

Continuous Casting Measurement System SG-LO

The special system SG-LO was designed for continuous casting applications of steel and steel alloys. Its robust design allows the use in extremely rough environments, such as spray zone I in the casting process.

Reference number: 3 836 980

SG-fitting for series 5 LO instruments
SG-fitting for series 12 LO instruments

The system consists of a displaced measuring head with air purge, a 5 m long armoured tube and an air-feed-system.

The air purge cools the measuring head. Together with the flange connected tube it does also protect the pyrometers field of view. The remaining view distance from the tube to the measuring object is kept free of steam, water, smoke and dust by the air purge. Moreover it prevents the pyrometer optics from contamination.

The system works with the IMPAC Fibre optics Pyrometers:

  • IS 5-LO
  • IGA 5-LO
  • ISQ 5-LO
  • ISR 12-LO
  • IGAR 12-LO

each with optical head II.
The distance between the measuring head and the air-infeed system is 5 m. Accordingly the lenth of the fibre-optics should be at least 7.5 m, so that there is 2.5 m left for the installation of the pyrometer. Special length of the armoured tube are possible on request.

The continuous casting measurement system is delivered without pyrometer and fibre optics!


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