Rotary Mirror Attachment ROT 10

IMPAC ROT 10 Rotating mirror assembly for Series 12 with fix-focus optics, 12.5 lines/s amplitude 72°, 24 V AC 50 Hz with connection cable 5 m

Reference number: 3 843 260

Rotary mirror attachment


The ROT 10 rotary mirror attachment in combination with an IS 5, IGA 5, IS 12 or IGA 12 pyrometer (measuring ranges  between 250 and 3500 °C) and with the pyrometer's maximum value storage (peak picker) is mainly used for the fast scanning of targets to record maximum temperatures.

The scanning frequency is permanently set to 12.5 Hz. The signal is analysed via the pyrometer's analog output (0/4 ... 20 mA) and/or the serial interface (RS232 or RS485).

Depending on the pyrometer type the rotary mirror attachments have a scanning angle of 60° up to 76°. For instance at a measuring distance of one meter and an angle of 60° the scanning length is 1.15 m (or 1.56 m for an angle of 76°).

Typical applications

The rotary mirror attachment is most frequently used to record the maximum temperature of larger objects such as slabs, plates and metal strips. The attachment is powered by 24 V AC, 50 Hz.


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