Flange System

Flange system with Instrument's support, Tube support and Ceramic tube for series 300 and 310 or optical head II

Flange System
Flange system with cooling jacket
Flange system

The flange system is a modular mounting system to fix the pyrometer on furnaces, vacuum chambers, etc. It can consist of e.g. mounting support, tube support with air purge and flange and an open or closed ceramic sighting tube. The mounting support can be equipped with a quartz window for vacuum applications.

Reference numbers:

3 846 250 (Mounting support sandard version)
3 846 270 (Mounting support with fused silica window - not for IN 300)
3 846 570 (Mounting support with ZnSe-window)
3 846 820 (Mounting support with CaF2-window)
3 846 790 (Spare window sapphir incl.Viton ring Ø 25 x 1,5, threated ring and distance ring)
3 846 240 (Tube support with air purge nozzle and flange)
3 846 280 (Ceramic tube closed, 24 x 600 mm)
3 846 960 (Ceramic tube open for tube support, 24 x 300 mm)
3 846 720 (Vacuum-Flange KF16 with Mounting support, with fused silica window)
3 846 730 (Vacuum-Flange KF16 with Mounting support with CaF2-window)
3 846 740 (Vacuum-Flange KF16 with Mounting support with ZnSe-window)

Optional with cooling jacket


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