InfraWin is the standard software from LumaSense for adjustment and controlling of IMPAC stationary, digital pyrometers. The software is available in 6 languages and used for monitoring one or two pyrometers.

Pyrometer Software InfraWin

After connecting the pyrometer to a PC, there are some parameters available in addition to the parameters directly adjustable. These are e.g. settings of a sub range or allocating an address for bus control at a RS485 interface; detailed informations is available in the user manual of the pyrometer).

The software is a good choice for fast changes of the settings or for controlling and protocolling the measurement.

  • Settings of all pyrometer parameters via computer
  • Temperature display as color bar or online graphics
  • Downstream evaluation as table, graphics or text file
  • Calculation of the spot size in different measuring distances
  • UPP standard (Universal Pyrometer Protocol)

What's new?

InfraWin 5 provides compared to InfraWin4 additional options:

  • Improved user interface, that presents the existing functions better
  • IO module
  • Service protocol
  • Integrated installation of USB converters.
  • The measured curve can be viewed, while the measurement is still running in the background.

For OP Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10:

When installing InfraWin 5, please make sure you have both the InfraWin.exe and the dotnet35 version in the same folder.


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