IMPAC Pyrometer
IGA 740-LO

High-speed pyrometer with fibre optics for non-contact temperature measurement of metallic surfaces, graphite or ceramics between 200 °C and 2500 °C.

Pyrometer IMPAC IGA 740 LO Front View

Key Features

  • Extremely fast response time of only 6 µs for measurements of fast moving objects or fast temperature changes
  • High quality optics for detection of small measuring objects
  • Built-in LED targeting light for easy alignment to the measuring object
  • Laser protection filter (optional) to shield the laser wavelength for laser applications


The series 740 pyrometers are stationary instruments for non-contact temperature measurement of metallic surfaces, graphite, ceramics, etc. With the extremely fast response time of only 6 µs they are suitable for use in high speed applications.

2 types are available, the compact instrument IGA 740 with integrated optics and the IGA 740-LO with fiber and optical head.

The IGA 740-LO with fiber for transmitting the radiation, and an optical head, is unaffected by electromagnetically interferences (e.g. induction) and can be used in very high ambient temperatures up to 260°C without cooling.

For easy alignment to the measuring object the instruments are equipped with an LED targeting light that shows the size of the spot.

Typical Applications

  • Laser applications (laser cutting, laser welding, soldering, etc.)
  • Material development / -testing
  • Combustion engines
  • Airbag testing
  • Wafer control
  • Turbines
  • Plasma measurements
  • Explosion processes



Technical Data

Temperature range:

MB 10   200 - 1000°C         

MB 14   300 - 1400°C  

MB 23   300 - 2300°C          

MB 25   500 - 2500°C 

Spectral range: 1.58 - 1.8 µm (MB 14 + 25);  1.58 - 2.2 µm (MB 10);   2.0 - 2.2 µm (MB 23)
Detector: Ge photo diode (MB 14 + 25);   InGaAs photo diode (MB 10 + 23)


0 or 4 - 20 mA (specify when ordering), temperature linear, max. load 500 ?

and 0 - 10 V linear voltage output (via BNC connector)

Emissivity ε: 0.1 ... 1; continuously adjustable

Response time t95:

9 µs via current output, 6 µs via voltage output 

Uncertainty: 0.75% of reading (ε = 1, Tamb.= 25°C, t95=1s)


< 0.3% of reading (ε = 1, Tamb.= 25°C, t95=1s)

Power supply: 24 V DC or AC; max. current consumption 0.2 A
Sighting: LED targeting light
Ambient temperature: 0 to 40°C (instrument), max. 260°C (fiber / optical head)
Storage temperature:  -20 to 70°C
Rel. humidity: No condensing conditions
Dimensions: 200 mm x 70 mm x 70 mm (L x W x H)
Protection class:  IP54 (according to DIN 40 050)
Weight: instrument ~0.9 kg; fiber ~250 g; optical head ~150 g
CE label: According to EU directives about electromagnetic immunity

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