IMPAC Pyrometer
IGA 315-K

Portable Pyrometer for the monitoring and documentation of the oven temperatures in coking ovens. Temperature range: 600 and 1600 °C.

Portable Infrared Thermometer IMPAC IGA 315-K View
Portable Infrared Thermometer IMPAC IGA 315-K View

Key Features

  • Rapid temperature recording of nozzle bricks and air stages in coking ovens
  • Viewfinder with temperature area markings for simple aiming at the measuring point
  • Double measurement temperature display on the housing and in the viewfinder
  • Special measurement memory for storing measurement values in measurement series
  • Focusable precision optics for adjustment to smallest measurement fields
  • Infrared interface for transfer of measurement values to a PC
  • Focusable optics with a small measuring fields at large measuring distances


The IGA 315-K portable pyrometer has been specially developed for use in coking plants. It is used for the non-contact temperature measurement of the nozzle bricks and the air stages in coking ovens. Measurements are made from the oven roof after opening the heating flue. For this, the optical path of the measuring instrument is modified in such a way that the nozzle brick can be targeted without difficulty through the small viewing opening and can even be accurately measured at a distance of up to 12 m. For easy sighting, a circular measuring field is marked in the viewfinder, which represents the size of the object to be measured. The correct measuring distance is found by adjusting the focusable optics until the item under test is sharply focused. The temperature indication can be viewed directly in the viewfinder.

Using the one-button operation the instrument can be quickly switched on, or a measurement value can be saved with up to 2,000 measurement values including date and time. Prior to the measurement, a series of measurements can be defined, which for example correlate with the heating flues of an oven. This storage configuration facilitates later evaluation, even if the data is transferred to a PC via the included software. The data can then be both displayed graphically or imported into a spreadsheet program such as Excel.


Temperature range: 600 ... 1600 °C
Spectral range: 1.58 - 1.8 µm
Detector: InGaAs photodiode
Interface: Infrared interface to pyrometer, USB interface to PC
Data storage: 2000 meas. values with date and time
Resolution: 1 °C / °F
Lenses: Focusable optics, adjustable from a = 1...12 m 
Measurement functions: Instantaneous meas. value, max. meas. value, average temperature measurement
Data storage: 2000 measurement values, storage of: measurement value, date, time
Emissivity ε: 0.1 ... 0.99 (adjustable in steps of 0.01)
Exposure time t90 10 ms
Accuracy: 0.75% of measurement value (ε=1, Tamb.=25 °C, t90=1 s)
Repeatability: < 0.3% of measurement value (ε=1, Tamb=25 °C, t90=1 s)
Power supply: 6 x AA batteries 1.2 V; 1,800 mA; NiMH
Sighting system: Viewfinder with measurement value in eyepiece and circular measuring field marking
Ambient temp.: 0 ... 50 °C
Storage temp.: -10 ... 65 °C
Humidity: Non-condensing conditions 
Dimensions: 260 x 70 x 70 mm (L x W x H)
Protection class: IP54 (to DIN 40 050)
Weight: approx.1.3 kg with batteries
CE label: According to EU directives about electromagnetic immunity


IMPAC Pyrometer IGA 315-K
Foc. Optic a=1000...12000 m

Display of optical path:

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