IMPAC Pyrometer

Fully digital, extremely precice Transfer-Standard-Pyrometer for exact inspection of calibration sources. Temperature ranges between 530 and 3000 °C.

Pyrometer IMPAC IS12-TSP View
Pyrometer IMPAC IS12-TSP Back View
Pyrometer IMPAC IS12-TSP Mounted View
Pyrometer IMPAC IS12-TSP Package View

Key Features

  • Temperature ranges between 530 and 3000 °C
  • Resolution of only 0.01 °C
  • Built-in 5-digit LED display
  • Digital interface
  • Focusable optics


The IS 12-TSP is extremely precise and long-term stable transfer standard pyrometer which can be used for the checking of calibration sources.

Calibration sources are subject to heavy wear due to the extremely high temperatures which they have to produce. This can lead to the fact that, over time, the temperature display at the controller no longer corresponds to the radiation temperature in the spectral range being investigated. If high precision measurements are required on the calibration source over long periods of time, we recommend that regular checks are carried out.

The IS 12-TSP or IGA 12-TSP transfer standard pyrometers have been specially designed for this purpose. They are available in several temperature ranges between 200 and 3000°C and in various spectral ranges, which means that they can be used with calibration sources with which pyrometers with Silicon or Indium Gallium Arsenide detectors can be checked.

The detectors in the TS pyrometer are thermostatically controlled to achieve this high precision. This means that the measurement is, to a large extend, independent of surrounding temperature variations and allows a resolution of 0.01 °C to be achieved.

Use of a TS pyrometer ensures that temperature values as stipulated by national institutes can be transferred to your own calibration sources to guarantee traceability to the ITS90 international temperature scale.

In order to guarantee an adherence to high technical specifications, the TS pyrometer should be checked regularly by LumaSense. This is, however, only necessary every 2 years thanks to the pyrometer's solid construction.


Temperature ranges:

530 - 1900 °C

600 - 2520 °C

850 - 2520 °C

600 - 3000 °C

Sub range: Any range adjustable within the temperature range, minimum span 51 °C
Spectral range: 0.94 µm (at temperature range 530 to 1900 °C and 600 to 2520 °C / 3000 °C) 0.65 µm (at temperature range 850 to 2520 °C) 

Measurement Uncertainty:

(ε=1, t90=1 s, Tamb.= 23°C)

Below 1500°C: 0.15% of measured value in °C + 1°C

Above 1500°C: 0.25% of measured value in °C

Above 2700°C: 0.35% of measured value in °C

Repeatability :

(ε=1, t90=1 s, Tamb.= 23°C)

1 °C


Up to 1000°C: 0.01°C on interface and display;

Above 1000°C: 0.1°C on display, 0.01°C on digital interface < 0.025% of temperature range at the analog output

Signal Processing: Fotoelectric current, digitized immediately
Power supply: 24 V DC (15-40 V DC) or 24 V AC (12-30 V AC), 48 to 62 Hz
Power consumption: Max. 14 W
Analog output: Linear 0 - 20 mA or 4 - 20 mA, DC, switchable; load max. 500 Ohm
Test current output: Fixed 10 mA
Serial interface: Switchable at the pyrometer: RS232 or RS485 (addressable), half duplex; baud rate 2.4 up to 115 kBd
Display: Built-in 5 digit LED display, additional function LED’s
Isolation: Power supply, digital interface, analog output are galvanically isolated against each other and housing

Adjustable at the instrument or via serial interface:

Emissivity ε, exposure time t90, clear time for maximum value storage tclear, temperature sub range, analog output 0 to 20 or 4-20 mA, switch points for limit switches, temperature display in °C / °F, interface RS232 or RS485, address, baud rate, test current output

Additionally adjustable (only via interface):

Keyboard lock, recalibration (with special software)

Emissivity ε:  0.100 to 1.000 in 11000 steps
Exposure time t90: < 1 ms (with dynamical adaptation at low signal levels), factory setting 1 s, adjustable up to 10 s
Maximum value storage: Built-in single or double storage. Clearing with adjusted time tclear, extern, via interface or automatically with the next measuring object
Limit switches: 2 relay outputs (change-over contacts), switch power max. 30 W (Imax: 1 A, Umax: 60 V DC)

Built-in parallax free thru-lens view finder; additionally laser targeting light

(max. power level < 1 mW, λ = 630 - 680 nm, CDRH class II)

(at IS 12-TSP with temperature range 850 - 2520°C only with view finder)

Control panel: 4 keys, operate with tip of ball-point pen 
Protection class: IP65 (DIN 40 050)
Ambient temperature: 0 - 60°C at the housing
Storage temperature: -20 to 70°C
Relative Humidity: No condensating conditions
Weight: 2.2 kg
CE-label: According to EU directives about electromagnetic immunity


IMPAC Pyrometer IS 12-TSP
530...1900°C Foc. Optics 1 a=275...520 mm
530...1900°C Foc. Optics 2 a=385...1125 mm
530...1900°C Foc. Optics 3 a=520...9000 mm
600...2520°C Foc. Optics 1 a=275...520 mm
600...2520°C Foc. Optics 2 a=385...1125 mm
600...2520°C Foc. Optics 3 a=520...9000 mm
850...2520°C Foc. Optics 1 a=275...520 mm
850...2520°C Foc. Optics 2 a=385...1125 mm
850...2520°C Foc. Optics 3 a=520...9000 mm
600...3000°C Foc. Optics 1 a=275...520 mm
600...3000°C Foc. Optics 2 a=385...1125 mm
600...3000°C Foc. Optics 3 a=540...9000 mm

Display of optical path:

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