IMPAC Pyrometer
IN 2000

Stationary good value infrared sensor for non-contact temperature measurement of non-metallic surfaces or painted, coated or anodized metals. Temperature range: -32 ... 900 °C

Pyrometer IMPAC IN 2000 View
IN 2000 and IN 3000 with USB Adapter View

Key Features

  • Digital infrared sensor with 4-20 mA analog output and interface output for PC connection with USB.
  • Built-in air purge unit to keep clean the lens in dusty environments
  • Easy installation and connecting
  • Stainless steel housing with PG 11 thread for easy mounting
  • Very small housing dimensions, suited for use in confined spaces
  • Up to 70°C operating temperature without cooling


The IN 2000 is a good value stationary infrared sensors for non-contact temperature measurement of non-metallic surfaces or painted, coated or anodized metals.
The small housing dimensions enable the integration of the instruments in compact production machines; the solid and robust design of the instrument guarantees reliability even in rough industrial environments. With the built-in air purge the lens can be protected from contamination with dust and moisture. This enables the instrument to be adapted to various measuring tasks.

The IN 2000 is a digital pyrometer equipped with a interface output for connection to an USB adapter. This enables the adjustment of all pyrometer parameters via PC.

Typical Applications

  • Plastics
  • Textile
  • Asphalt
  • Rubber
  • Paint
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Varnish
  • Ceramic
  • Paper
  • Liquids
  • Food
  • Painted metals
  • Coated metals
  • Anodized metals



Technical Data

Temperature range(s): -32 to 900 °C
Sub range: Any range adjustable within the temperature range, minimum span 51°C
Spectral range: 8 to 14 µm
Internal signal processing: Digital
Power supply 15 to 30V DC


0.1 °C on interface, <0.025% of temp. range at the analog output

Emissivity ε: 10.0 to 100.0% (adjustable via interface)
Transmissionsgrad τ: 10.0 to 100.0% (adjustable via interface)
Exposure time t90: 95 ms (adjustable to 0.5 up to 120 s)
Interface parameters: Temp. display in °C or °F, emissivity ε, exposure time t90, settings of the max. / minimum value storage, temperature sub range, ambient temperature compensation, address, baud rate
Maximum / minimum value storage: Clear times tclear = OFF; 0.1 up to 25 s or automatically with the next measuring object
Uncertainty: 1% of measured value + 1 °C  (1) (ε=1, Tamb.=15...40 °C)
1.4% of measured value + 1 °C (1) (ε=1, Tamb.=0...15 or 40...70 °C)
Repeatability: < 0.3% of measured value (ε=1)
Noise (NETD, σ=1): < 0.2 °C (ε=1, t90=min, Tamb.=23 °C)
Ambient temperature: 0 to 70 °C
Storage temperature: -20 to 70 °C
Relative humidity: No condensing conditions
Housing: Stainless steel
Weight: 150 g
Mounting position: Any 
Connection cable: 2 m
Air purge unit: For connecting hose with 2 mm inner diameter
Protection class: IP65 (DIN 40050)
CE label: According to EU directives about electromagnetic immunity
1) The instrument must be at a constant ambient temperature for a minimum of 15 minutes and has to be connected to the power supply. 


IMPAC Pyrometer IN 2000
Fixed Optics IN 2000

Display of optical path:

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