IMPAC Pyrometer
IS 310

Small, stationary infrared thermometer (pyrometer) in 2-wire technique for temperature measurements of metal surfaces, graphite or ceramics between 650 and 2500 °C

Pyrometer IMPAC IS 310 Front View

Key Features

  • Very small housing dimensions for easy installation, suited for use in confined spaces
  • 2-wire technique for current supply and temperature measurement at the same time
  • Internal digital signal processing for high accuracy
  • High quality optics for detection of small measuring objects
  • Built-in LED targeting light for easy alignment to the measuring object


The very small housing dimensions enable the integration of the pyrometer in compact production machines, the 2-wire technique ensures very easy electrical connection, and the solid and robust design of the instrument guarantees reliability, even in rough industrial environments.

The pyrometers are equipped with a connector for electrical installation, this offers the option to use connection cables up to 30 m.

For optimal match 3 different focusable optics with small spot sizes are available.

Typical Applications

  • preheating
  • annealing
  • tempering
  • welding
  • forging
  • hardening
  • sintering
  • melting
  • soldering
  • brazing
  • rolling


Temperature Range:

MB 18       650...1800 °C 
MB 23       800...2300 °C 
MB 25       1150...2500 °C 

Spectral Ranges: 0.8 ... 1.1 μm
Detector: Si photo diode
Output: 4 to 20 mA, load independent current, linear temperature output
Max Load: 500Ω at 24 V power supply,
max. 200 Ω at 18 V
max. 800Ω at 30 V
Emissivity ε: 0.2 ... 1; adjustable
Response Time t90: 10 ms
Measurement Uncertainty:
(ε = 1, Tamb.= 23°C)

Up to 1500 °C: 0.8% of measured value + 1 °C
Above 1500 °C: 1% of measured value + 1 °C

Repeatability: 0.3% of measured value (at ε=1, Tamb.=23 °C)
Power Supply: 24 V DC ± 25% stabilized, ripple < 50 mV
5 to 30 V DC for LED targeting light (I≤30 mA)
Sighting: LED Targeting Light
Ambient Temperature: 0 to 70°C
Storage Temperature: -20 to 70°C
Relative humidity: No condensing conditions
Housing: Stainless steel
Weight: 275 g
Connection Cable: 2 m - 30 m length, connection via connector
Mounting position: Any
Protection class: IP65 (DIN 40050)
CE-label: According to EU directives about electromagnetic immunity
Note: The calibration / adjustment of this pyrometer is carried out in accordance with VDI/VDE 3511, Part 4.4. See for more information. 
IMPAC Pyrometer IS 310
Optics 4 a=250 (MB 18)
Optics 4 a=250 (MB 23+25)
Optics 5 a=600 (MB 18)
Optics 5 a=600 (MB 23+25)
Optics 6 a=1400 (MB 18)
Optics 6 a=1400 (MB 23+25)

Display of optical path:

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