IMPAC Pyrometer

Digital infrared thermometer with fiber optic designed for the glass industry. Range 600 to 1800 °C

Pyrometer IMPAC IS 50-LO/GL View
Pyrometer IMPAC IS 50-LO/GL View 2
Pyrometer IMPAC IS 50-LO/GL With Air Purge View

Key Features

  • Adjustable temperature ranges between 600 and 1800 °C
  • High accuracy
  • Ambiance up to 250°C without cooling
  • Robust design
  • Simple parameterizing
  • Integrated air purge
  • Quick release for optical head
  • Two wire technique


The pyrometer IS 50-LO/GL is specially designed for the glass industry. It is used for the temperature measurement of glass in tank, working end, forehearth and feeder. Additional applications are the measurement of brickworks in regenerator and tank.

Using a robust fiber optic cable (length up to 30 m) enables the use of the instrument in an ambient temperature up to 250 °C without cooling.

The IS 50-LO/GL is a digital pyrometer in two wire technique. This technique combines the high accuracy of the digital signal processing with the simple connection and operating with two wires.

The emissivity is exactly adjustable at the device, additionally any sub range and the response time via service interface. The instrument is equipped with a test function to check the correct connection.

Applications: specially designed for the glass industry

  • Glass temperature measurement
    • in forehearth
    • in feeder
    • in tank
  • Temperature measurement of brickworks
    • tank side walls
    • tank roof
    • in regenerator


Temperature range: 600 ... 1800°C
Sub range: Any range adjustable within the measuring range, minimum range 51°C
IR-detector: Silicon photo diode 
Spectral range: 0.8 ... 1.1 µm
Data handling: Digital

< 1500°C: ± 0.3% of meas. value in °C + 1°C

> 1500°C: ± 0.5% of meas. value in °C + 1°C

Repeatability: 0.1% of measured value in °C + 1°C
Resolution: 1°C
Emissivity ε: 0.05 ... 1.00; adjustable
Response time t90: 250 ms, adjustable up to 10 s; ex works adjusted to 1 s
Test port: 4 ... 20 mA, temperature linear 
Max. load: 700 Ohm at 24 V power supply
Temperature dependency: 0.2°C per °C variation from 23°C
Power supply: 24 V DC ± 25%, ripple max. 50 mV
Power consumption: 0.6 W
Interface: Service interface RS232
Parameter settings: Emissivity, test signal 12 mA
Additional parameters via interface: Measuring range, response time
Protection: IP65 with mounted cable
Ambient temperature: 0 ... 70°C at the housing
Storage temperature: -20 ... 70°C
Rel. humidity: Non condensing conditions
Converter housing: Alu die-casting, 125 mm x 80 mm x 57 mm (L x W x H, without plug)
Optical head: Stainless steel, 112 mm x 22 mm
Fiber optic: Multi fiber with flexible stainless steel protection
Weight: 600 g
CE-label: According EU rules for electromagnetic immunity


IMPAC Pyrometer IS 50-LO/GL
Fixed Optics IS 50-LO/GL

Display of optical path:

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