IMPAC Pyrometer

Digital 2-color pyrometer with fiber optic for non-contact temperature measurement on metals, ceramics, graphite etc. between 700 and 3000 °C

Pyrometer IMPAC ISR 50-LO
Pyrometer IMPAC ISR 50-LO (Display)

Key Features

  • Short exposure time 
  • Very small spot sizes 
  • Built-in lens contamination control system 
  • HeavyDuty-fiber connector for rough application conditions 
  • Built-in LC display 
  • All settings adjustable at the instrument or via interface 
  • Digital interface RS232 / RS485 (switchable) 
  • Test current output for diagnostics


The ISR 50-LO is a digital, highly accurate 2-color pyrometer with fiber optic for non-contact temperature measurements in temperature ranges between 700 and 3000 °C.

The pyrometer measures in the 2-color principle (ratio principle) in which two adjacent wavelength are used to calculate the temperature.
This technique offers the following advantages compared with the standard one-color pyrometers:

  • The temperature measurement is independent of the emissivity of the object in wide ranges
  • The measuring object can be smaller than the spot size
  • Measurements are unaffected by dust and other contaminants in the field of view or by dirty viewing windows

Additionally the pyrometer can be switched to 1-color mode and used like a conventional pyrometer.

The instrument is equipped with an optical fiber, which can be used in very high ambient temperatures up to 250°C without cooling and it is unaffected by electromagnetic interferences.

The pyrometer is equipped with a display which shows the current temperature or all instrument settings. Via the built-in keys all parameters can be changed if necessary.  Via serial interface and the provided software InfraWin the temperature can be displayed and stored on a PC, parameterizing can also be done.

Typical Applications

  • Induction heating
  • Annealing
  • Welding
  • Forging
  • Sintering
  • Melting
  • Rolling mill
  • Rotary kilns
  • Pouring stream
  • Research and development
  • Laser application


Technical Data

Temperature Range:

(MB 18)   700 - 1800°C

(MB 25)   800 - 2500°C

(MB 30)   1000 - 3000°C 

Subrange: Any range adjustable within the temperature range, minimum span 51 °C
Spectral Ranges:

Channel 1: 0.9 µm

Channel 2: 1.05 µm

IR detector: Silicon photo diode (Si/Si)


MB 18: HD multi fiber 0.6 mm (green fiber mark) MB 25 and MB 30: HD mono fiber 0.2 mm (red fiber mark)


0.1°C on interface and display < 0.1% of temperature range at the analog output


(at ε=1, t90=1 s,

Tamb.=23 °C)

0.2% of measured value in °C + 2°C


(at ε=1, t90=1 s,

Tamb.=23 °C)

Up to 1500°C: 0.5% of measured value in °C + 2°C

Above 1500°C:1% of measured value in °C

Exposure time t90: 10 ms; adjustable to 0.01 s; 0.05 s; 0,25 s; 1 s; 3 s; 10 s
Emissivity slope K:

0.8 - 1.2 adjustable in steps of 0.001

Emissivity ε: 5 - 100% adjustable in steps of 0.1%
Switch-off level: 2% - 50%, adjustable
Maximum value storage: Built-in single or double storage. Clearing with adjusted tclear (off; 0.01 s; 0.05 s; 0.25 s; 1 s; 5 s; 25 s), extern, via interface or automatically with the next measuring object
Internal LC display: LC display for temperature indication or parameter settings
Digital interface: RS232 or RS485 addressable (half duplex), switchable; baud rate 1200 up to 115200 Bd


Adjustable or readable at the instrument or via interface: Measuring temperature, operation mode (ratio/ mono), emissivity slope or emissivity, exposure time, clear times for maximum value storage, hold function, analog output 0 - 20 or 4 - 20 mA, temperature sub range, switch-off level, contamination limit, RS485 address, baud rate, RS485 wait time, temperature display in °C or °F, error status, maximum internal temperature

Physical Characteristics


Converter:      approx. 600 g

Optical head:  approx. 140 g

Fiber (2.5 m):  approx. 630 g

Dimensions: See drawing on the right side
Environmental Specifications
Ambient Temperature:

0 to 50°C on the converter; 0 to 250°C on side of the optical head


Storage temperature: -20 to 60°C
Rel. Humidity: Non condensing conditions
Protection Class: IP65 (DIN 40050)
Power supply:

24 V DC (18 - 36 V DC), ripple < 500 mV

Power consumption: Max. 1 W
Analog Output: 0 - 20 mA or 4 - 20 mA (linear), switchable; test current 10 mA or 12 mA by pressing test key
Load: 0 - 500 ?
Isolation: Power supply, analog output and digital interface are galvanically isolated from each other
Switch contact: Opto relay (AC/DC): Switch contact for dirty window alarm max. switch current: 0,5 A; max. switch supply 60 V AC/DC
CE label: According to EU directives about electromagnetic immunity
IMPAC Pyrometer ISR 50-LO
MB 18 Fixed Optics II-HD a=340 mm
MB 18 Fixed Optics II-HD a=600 mm
MB 18 Fixed Optics II-HD a=1000 mm
MB 18 Fixed Optics II-HD a=4500 mm
MB 25 & 30 Fixed Optics II-HD a=340 mm
MB 25 & 30 Fixed Optics II-HD a=600 mm
MB 25 & 30 Fixed Optics II-HD a=1000 mm
MB 25 & 30 Fixed Optics II-HD a=4500 mm

Display of optical path:

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