IMPAC Series 6 Pyrometers with TV camera module

The digital pyrometers IS 6, IGA 6, IGAR 6 and ISR 6 are also available with integrated color TV camera module. The Video Image facilitates the optical adjustment and enables the permanent observation of the measuring area.

Pyrometer Series 6 with TV camera module

Key Features

  • Integrated color camera module for sighting
  • Optical alignment to the measuring object using a monitor or via InfraWin software with an external video grabber
  • Video output galvanically isolated from power supply, analog output, and digital interface
  • Display image details including: current temperature reading, date/time, user text, one selectable parameter.


The Series 6-TV Advanced pyrometers are digital, compact, and fast pyrometers for non-contact temperature measurement.
With a color camera module, the optical alignment to the measuring object can be achieved with a monitor or using the software InfraWin 5 in conjunction with an external video grabber.

The video output of the pyrometers can be directly connected to the video input of the monitor or video grabber. The inserted circular target marker allows an exact alignment to the measuring object.

Typical Applications

  • Metal Processing
  • Steel Making
  • Glass Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Solar Industry


Technical Data

         (different from IS 6 Advanced / IGA 6 Advanced / IGA 6/23 Advanced / IGAR 6 Advanced / ISR 6 Advanced)


Video Signal: FBAS-Signal approximately 1 VSS at 75 Ohms, PAL (B), 50 Hz, CCIR656 
Date/Time:  Real time clock with about 14 days buffer (GoldCap)
Connection of Video-Signal: 

Separate triaxial socket to support double shielded signal transmission (at pyrometer),

CINCH or BNC connector (on user side)

Operating ambient temperature: 0 to 60 °C on the housing
Field of view:  About 11.6 % x 8.4 % of the adjusted measuring distance
Superimposed text elements: 

Circular target marker, user text, time, date, measured temperature

Additional: device temperature or distance or serial number or intensity (only ISR)


768 x 576 pixel video chip

768 x 520 pixel displayed on screen

Brightness control: Automatic or manual (via software) 


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