TRR200 (formerly Accufiber®TR)

Thin Film Deposition Monitor

In-situ Temperature and Reflectance Measurements for MOCVD, MBE, RTP and High Temperature CVD Applications
Thin Film Deposition Monitor TRR200 View


  • Accurate, emissivity corrected temperature measurement
  • Precise "fringe" resolution for thin film deposition monitoring
  • 635 nm laser based reflectance for thin film monitoring
  • 880 nm IR LED based reflectance for emissivity correction
  • High sampling rate (up to 1000 Hz)
  • Touch screen interface – no computer required
  • Fully integrated system
  • Ideal for:
    • MOCVD
    • MBE
    • CVD (non-plasma assisted)
    • RTP
  • No fiber optic cable needed in glove box



For advanced material deposition or fast thermal ramping processes, such as MOCVD, MBE, RTP, and high temperature CVD. The TRR200 instrument fully integrates two sophisticated metrology functions with our class-leading radiation thermometer system:

  • Automatic emissivity corrected temperature measurement, and
  • Film growth monitoring via dual wavelength reflectance measurements.

Automatic Emissivity Correction

The TRR200 combines the industry leading PhotriXTM radiation thermometers (offering superior signal-to-noise ratio) with integrated reflectometers. For specular (smooth) surfaces, the deposition surface's emissivity can be calculated from its reflectance. By constantly measuring this reflectance, the TRR200 instrument can automatically perform the emissivity correction in-situ and calculate the surface's true temperature.

Film Growth Monitoring

One of the most common methods for measuring thin film properties is to use reflectance measurements. The TRR200 seamlessly integrates ultra precise reflectance measurements with class leading, lowest signal-to-noise ratio radiation detectors. It is critical to use both the highest quality measurement systems and shorter wavelengths to offer “superior resolution”, especially for thicker films grown for today’s optoelectronics. The TRR200 incorporates two wavelengths, 635 nm and 880 nm, measured simultaneously. The reflectometer measures the sample with a laser diode at 635 nm for thin film growth monitoring and a light emitting diode (LED) centered at 880 nm for emissivity correction. The thermal radiation is also measured simultaneously at the 880 nm wavelength.

Technical Data


Temperature Measurement 


450 - 1700°C

Speed: 100 Hz
Detection wavelength: 880 nm

Precision (1 sigma):

1.5°C at 450°C, 0.25°C at 600°C and above

Accuracy: ±2°C or better
Instrumentation Features 
Power input: Universal VAC
Serial output: RS232 
Analog output: 4 - 20 mA
Interface: Touch screen and RS-232
Ambient environment: 5 to 45°C and 10-80% relative humidity

Dimensions [mm]:

Controller:   73 H x 192 W x 216.7 L

Sensor:    150 H x 70 W x 148 W


Controller:  2.25 kg

Optical head:  1.75 kg

Reflectance Measurement A (Thin Film Monitoring)


Speed: 1000 Hz

Detection wavelength:

635 nm ±3 nm

Light source:

Laser diode

Precision (1 sigma): 0.5%

Tilt tolerance:

< 0.75% change with ± 0.1° tilt

Reflectance Measurement B (Emissivity Correction) 



Speed: 200 Hz
Detection wavelength: 880 nm
Light source: Infrared LED
Precision (1 sigma): 0.3%
Tilt tolerance: < 0.3% change with ± 0.1° tilt

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