Luxtron m600 OEM Module

LumaSense offers quality fiber optic temperature measurement solutions for the OEM market.

Luxtron m600 OEM Module


The m600 series of OEM Fluoroptic® systems are offered in one, two and four channel versions in a compact DIN-rail module. The instrument offers both analog and digital outputs within the same enclosure. The small form-factor of the m600 series makes it easy for the OEMs to integrate into their equipment.

With a calibrated accuracy of 0.5 °C within ±50 °C of calibration point, the m600 series has a measurement range of -100 °C to +330 °C and offers a measurement rate of 4Hz per channel.

Probes and fiber optic extensions can be customized to the OEM application. LumaSense Technologies has a dedicated team of Applications engineers who are experienced with adapting our instruments and probes to OEM process chambers. A variety of standard probes are also available for use with the m600 series for a wide range of applications.

Customized Probe Integration for OEMs

We offer a wide variety of probes that can be adapted to OEM process chambers. LumaSense Technologies has a team of Applications and R&D engineers who have worked with major semiconductor OEMs in the US, Europe and Asia to integrate our fiber optic probes into OEM tools. Our Custom Probes page lists a sampling of probes along with the applications.


Technical Specifications

m601, m602, m604

m601:     1

m602:     2

m604:     4

Maximum Per Channel Measurement Rate

m601:      4Hz

m602:      2Hz

m604:      1Hz

Measurement Range -100 to 330°C
Electrical Interference

Probes Immune to EMI, RF and microwave

Accuracy (Calibrated) ±0.5°C within 50°C of Calibration Temp, ±0.2°C within 20°C of Calibration Temp

Repeatability (Precision)

0.5°C RMS @ 8 Samples per Measurement

Output Resolution RS-232C: 0.01°C Analog Output: 0.01°C
Output Format Selectable °C, °F and K
Self Diagnostic Self Diagnosis and Probe Errors Available on RS-232
Input power versions

+5VDC ±5% @ 1.5 A, or

+24VDC ±5% @ 300mA

Serial Output RS-232C
Analog Output 0 to 10V or 4 to 20mA
Dimensions 74.7mm H x 44.7mm W x 104.5mm D
Storage Temperature -30 to +75°C
Operating Environment 10°C to 50°C, 80% RH (Max) Non-condensing




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