Calibration Source M360

Portable Mid Temperature Blackbody Calibration Source

Very wide temperature range. 2 separate, portable modules. 50 … 1100 °C (122 °F to 2012 °F)

Calibration source M360 View

Key Features

  • Easily moved when needed. Weighs only 17.8 kg. (39.3 pounds)
  • High accuracy ±0.2% of reading ±1°C
  • High emissivity 1.0 effective at 0.7 to 1.8 µm T>=230°C, 1.0 at 8-14 µm T<230°C
  • Manufactured and tested to meet rigid quality control standards
  • Furnished with certificate of calibration traceable to NIST             
  • RS232 (standard) or RS485 (optional) serial communications port


The M360 blackbody calibration source uniquely combines portability with wide temperature range from 50° to 1100 °C (122 °F to 2012 °F), high emissivity, and remarkable resolution. An optional precision machined aperture wheel assembly allows different sizes of aperture diameter for applications requiring specific radiating aperture or for verifying field of view of radiometers or infrared thermometers.

The source and the controller are housed in separate modules, which allow the source to be positioned in a location remote from the controller such as in an environmental test chamber, or to be used in tests which involve long path lengths. Each module is fitted with a carrying handle and can be comfortably carried to manufacturing plant or field research locations.

Typical Calibration Applications

  • Infrared Temperature Sensors
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging Systems
  • Spectrographic Analyzers
  • Radiometers
  • Flux Meters



Temperature Range: 50 °C to 1100 °C  (122 °F to 2012 °F)
Accuracy: ±0.2% of reading ±1 °C
Temperature Resolution: 0.1 °C
Stability: 1 °C per 8 hour period
Source Non-Uniformity ±0.2 °C typical at T < 230 °C, ±1 °C typical at T > 230 °C
Heated Cavity Shape: Spherical
Aperture Diameter: 25 mm (1.00”)
(calculated from cavity shape):
0.995 ± 0.0005
Effective Emissivity: 1.0 @ 8-14 µm T < 230 °C, 1.00 @ 0.7-1.8 µm T > 230 °C
Standard Calibration Method: Radiometric (pyrometric)
Temperature Sensor: Thermocouple
Remote Set Point: Via serial port
Method of Control: Digital Self-Tuning PID Controller
Warm-up Time: 60 minutes from ambient to 700 °C
Operating Ambient Temp: 0 °C to 44 °C or 32 °F to 110 °F
Cooling: Fan cooled, air inlet on rear panel
Operating Humidity: 90% RH max, non-condensing
Power Requirements: 115V AC or 230V AC @ 50 & 60 Hz, 1000W
Dimensions (H x W x D): Blackbody:
345 mm x 277 mm  x 425 mm (13.6” x 10.9” x 16.75”)
Controller module:
168mm x 280 mm x 280 mm (6.6” x 11” x 11”)
Weight: Blackbody: 17.8 kg (39.3 lbs.)  
Controller: 4.86 kg (10.7 lbs.)
CE Certified: Yes


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