Spyglass™ and Viewports for Mikron Imaging Cameras

Hotspots in electrical cabinets can be quickly pinpointed while circuits are energized and under load, using Mikron's Spyglass™ Lens and economical Viewports.

Raising the safety and convenience standard for thermal inspections, the Spyglass™ lens and Viewport encourage frequent examinations of electrical switchgear because – with cabinet doors closed – no downtime is required to de-energize circuits for safety reasons.

View Port

The Viewport is UL-rated and approved for installation at the OEM level or as a retrofit in the field. Suitable for both low-and high-voltage applications from 480 volts and up, it can be installed in 20 minutes or less on cabinets indoors or outdoors, in either vertical or horizontal positions.

The unique design of the Viewport uses only a 0.5" aperture, maintaining the integrity and safety rating of the cabinet, without the need for an IR transparent window or metal screen barrier which can skew thermal readings, or break and compromise safety. The Viewport is unaffected by moisture, dirt, UV and corrosive environments – it never needs cleaning or replacement glass. When used with the plastic-tipped Spyglass™ lens, there is no "path to ground" through the camera, enhancing operator safety.

Three styles of Viewport are available. The standard Viewport model is closed with a protective O-ring-sealed, screw-on cap when not in use. Other models include a locking device or a window with a locking device.

The Spyglass™ wide-angle lens, with its wide field of view (53° horizontal by 40° vertical, or 66° diagonal), allows easy scanning of the interior of the electrical cabinet through the Viewport, providing a temperature measurement accuracy of ±3°C. The Spyglass™ lens attaches to:

  • Mikron 7600-PRO
  • Mikron M7800
  • Mikron M7500
  • Mikron MC320

Used with these infrared cameras, the Spyglass allows you to view entire electrical panels from just inches away. With a focus range of 3" (10 cm) to 45" (114 cm) and large depth of field, the Spyglass™ lens reduces the need to re-focus for different electrical cabinet depths.

UL Listing (Viewports)

UL Listing Canada (Viewports)


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