BoilerSpection™ SD

BoilerSpection™ is a turn-key solution for continuous infrared imaging inside boilers. BoilerSpection™ provides the clearest, most informative through-flame imaging. 

With BoilerSpection™, coal plant operators can proactively manage their boilers and vastly improve uptime. In fact, a return on investment study by customer’s have found ROIs measured in only a few months, not years.

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The system includes

  • An infrared imaging camera with a cooled borescope lens
  • Automatic retraction system
  • Mounting hardware
  • A networked software system that integrated into the plants DCS
  • Full-service field installation and maintenance


With BoilerSpection coal plant owners and operators save money by

  • Reducing cleaning frequencies
  • Extending boiler tube life
  • Optimizing fuel switching strategies



Technical Data


IR Camera 


Narrowband 3.9 µm

Resolution 320 x 240
Detector Type Uncooled Focal Plane Array VOx Microbolometer

Protective Housing

IP66 with Integrated Vortex Air Cooling

Measurement Range 500 to 1600 °C (932 to 2912 °F)
Ambient Environment Up to 60 °C (140 °F)
Camera Weight 30 lbs (13.5 kg)
Construction Stainless steel with air cooling / purge
Field of View 50° H x 38° V
Focus Manual
Protection Sapphire window tip with air purge shield
Diameter 1.65” (42 mm)
Facility Connection Requirements 
Power 110-240 VAC, two 15 Amp Lines to support six camera
Electrical Cabinets All cabinets/panels are NEMA 4 / IP65
Air Supply 20-30 scfm at minimum 80 psi per camera
Automatic Retraction Device and Mounting 

Automated retraction if air or power is disrupted

Air Filters Two stage filter system

Air Regulators


Mounting Weld or bolt on mounting plates

Waterwall Opening


2” (50 mm) gap

Weld-on thru Hole 2.5” (64 mm) circle

Furnace Pressure

Negative, balanced, or positive pressure

Number of Cameras Up to 24 to a single control room server
Camera Connection 100 Base T Ethernet
Field Switch Cabinet NEMA 4 / IP66 enclosure with Ethernet Switch
Connection to Control Room Fiber Optic Link, 50/125µm core/ cladding diameter multi-mode fiber, 850/1310nm wavelength

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