LumaSoft Gas Single Point 7810 Software

The LumaSoft Gas Single Point 7810 software is used as a single channel monitoring software for the following LumaSense Photoacoustic Gas Monitors - INNOVA 1412i, 1512, 1314i and the SF6 Leak Detector 3434i.

NOTE: The LumaSoft Gas Single Point 7810 is included as a standard accessory for the above-mentioned Photoacoustic Gas Monitors.

LumaSoft Gas 7810 Software

LumaSoft Gas 7810 Software at a glance

  • Online user interface for full supervision of a photoacoustic monitor
  • The LumaSoft Gas Multi Point 7810 stores up to five gas concentrations, humidity, and air pressure
  • Displays measurement data in either a table or a graphical window
  • Easy exchange of displayed data
  • Measurement data stored in SQL Server 2005 database
  • Backup/restore of monitoring tasks
  • Login-secured access to measurement data
  • Software Alarm reporting


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