VC (Vortex Cooled) Enclosure

Heavy duty, industrial grade protection for thermal imagers in both outdoor and factory installations.  

Reference numbers Compatible Cameras
812-0302-02 MCS640, all lenses Pyrex, 2.5”
812-0302-03 M7500 (11°, 21°, 75° lenses)
812-0302-03 MC320 (11°, 21°, 75° lenses)
812-0302-05 MCL640 (14°, 26°, 57°, 77° lenses)
812-0302-01 MC7500* (53° lens)
812-0302-01 MC320L* (53° lens)
812-0302-06 MC320M/F/G (all lenses)

*MC7500 and MC320L are supported legacy products

Vortex Cooled Enclosure
Vortex Cooled Enclosure
Vortex Cooled Enclosure
Vortex Cooled Enclosure
Vortex Cooled Enclosure
Vortex Cooled Enclosure
Vortex Cooled Enclosure
VC Enclosure Installation
ThermalSpection Installation

Key Features

  • Rugged design for outdoor and indoor use in Industry
  • Powder coated aluminum enclosure with insulation
  • Integrated Window purge to prevent dust and dirt on the window
  • Integrated air cooling
  • Optional heater
  • Environments -40 to 65 °C (150 °F)
  • Mount with pivot and rotation adjustment
  • User friendly design for access and easy to adjust and install
  • Suitable for Hazardous Areas: Inlet and reference ports available for hazardous area purge (optional)
  • Compatible IR Cameras: M7500, MC320, MCL640, MCS640


The VC Enclosure for LumaSense Thermal Imagers is designed to protect the cameras from weather and temperature changes, even in hazardous areas.

Robust and reliable for long-term installation, this accessory can be added to the M7500, MC320, MCL640, or MCS640 to ensure the thermal imaging system operates with proper accuracy even when subjected to high temperatures and direct sunlight.

For operating in colder temperatures, an optional heater is also available allowing for operation in temperatures as low as -40 °C.

Area and window purges can also be used if dust and debris is an issue.


Technical Data

Temperature ranges 0 to 65 °C (-40 to 65 °C with optional heater)
Field of View Varies with camera (consult with sales)
IP Rating IP 66, NEMA 4X
Cooling Air Budget 15 cfm @ 90-100 psi
(1/4” NPT connection)
Heater Power 100 W
Internal Pressurized Purging Minimum required (only used for purge option in hazardous areas)
Housing Material Aluminum Alloy (powder coated)
Weight appr. 25 lbs (11kg)
Power Input Universal AC standard (DC optional)
Connection 1/2” NPT port to internal terminal contacts
Communication Ethernet, 1/2” NPT for Ethernet cable conduit
Heater Included standard (for 120 VAC systems)
Hazardous Area Purge Available with Type X and Type Z purges certified UL, CSA, and IECEx
Window Purge Included and use is optional, connection 1/4” NPT

Note: Product specifications are subject to change.

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