Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor OTG-TC2

Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor with All-Dielectric Connector for Distribution Transformers.

OTG-TC2: GaAs based Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor View
OTG-TC2: Connector View

Key Features

  • Innovative all-dielectric connectivity solution eliminates cumbersome cable handling
  • Sensing body encapsulated in uniform protective tubing provides a compact sensor
  • Well-defined round openings for proper oil wetting and cable strength
  • Offered with our standard 62.5/125 micron optical fiber for smaller bending radius
  • SD spacer disk option for efficient and secure mounting of sensor in spacer
  • Compatible with LumaTEST and LumaSHIELD Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) Semiconductor Band Gap (SCBG) monitors.


The OTG-TC2 is paired with an all-dielectric fiber-optic connector which can be placed almost anywhere in the transformer. This concept permits the use of short length of OTG-TC2 sensor cable. This unique connectivity solution eliminates the cumbersome and hazardous operation of cable spooling and handling during installation.

LumaSense Technologies’ OTG-TC2 fiber optic temperature sensor offers the highest reliability and robustness in the industry. It uses the well proven technique based on the temperature-dependent bandgap of GaAs crystal as the temperature transduction mechanism. Its sensing GaAs crystal encapsulated in uniform protective tubing provides robustness and small size and ensures full protection against mechanical stress that may cause sensor damage when installed in the transformer isolation spacer.

The OTG-TC2 comes with a specially designed fiber optic cable for oil wetting in the transformer. Well-defined round openings evenly spaced along the cable ensure proper oil wetting and provide the best cable strength.

Typical Applications

  • Hot spot temperature monitoring of power transformer windings
  • Temperature monitoring of power transformer top oil
  • High voltage environments


Technical Data


Temperature Operating and Calibrated Range

-40 to +230°C

Measurement Accuracy ±0.8°C (Total system accuracy at typical transformer operating temperature range including both signal conditioner and sensor errors)
Resolution 0.1°C

Response Time

0.5 s Typical

Operating Humidity Range  0 to 100 %
EMI/RFI Susceptibility Complete Immunity
Physical Characteristics  
Cable See Diagram Below
Optical Connector TC2 all-dielectric

Monitor Compatibility


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