Luxtron 812

Two Channel Fiber Optic Thermometer for Industrial Applications

The Luxtron 812 is a fiber optic temperature measurement system designed with two measurement channels and easy to read LED display. The 812 can easily be incorporated into an industrial control scheme through the RS-232 or Analog Output ports.

Luxtron 812 View
Probes FOT View


A complete Luxtron 812 system includes

  • 2 Channel Luxtron 812 shielded in metal enclosure
  • 1 of 2 meter FOT probes (purchased separately)
  • Universal power supply, RS-232 cable, and Analog Output connector
  • Users’ manual


Immune and Strong

  • Fluoroptic® fiber optic temperature sensors for the Luxtron 812 are immune to EMI, RF, and microwave interference
  • All three types of fiber optic sensors are Kevlar® strengthened sandwiched between chemically resistant PFA Teflon®.

Field Proven and Long Lasting

  • Thousands of Luxtron Fluoroptic fiber optic temperature measurement systems installed worldwide
  • Luxtron Fluoroptic fiber optic temperature sensors been continuously working in field equipment for over 25 years.

Compact and Easy to Use

  • Smaller than most fiber optic temperature systems on the market (11.10cm X 14.38cm X 5.66cm)
  • Set it and forget it. No recalibration is required EVER.


  • Process monitoring of dielectric (microwave and RF) heating processes
  • Monitoring of chemical reactions
  • Temperature monitoring of live electrical circuits during lifetime testing
  • Testing temperature of capacitors, resistors in high power applications
  • Measuring integrated circuits (ICs) under load


Technical Specifications 



Measurement Range -100 to 330 °C, probe dependent
Electrical Interference Probe immune to EMI, RF, and high-voltage

Accuracy (calibrated)

+/- 0.5 °C RMS @ 8 samples per measurement

Output Resolution Max 4 Hz for single channel, configurable
Output Format °C, °F, °K
Self Diagnosis Self diagnosis and probe error reading on display
Input Power 24 VDC ±5%, 300 mA (100-240 VAC Universal Power Supply included)
Serial Output RS232
Analog Output 0-10 VDC

Dimensions (case)

11.5 H x 113.0 W x 68.1 D (mm)

Storage Temperature -30 to 75 °C
Operating Environment 10 °C to 50 °C, 80% RH (max0 noncondensing
Connector ST-Type
Mounting Rubber feet for table top use - can be removed for wall mounting with #6 screws
Kit Includes: 2-Channel Instrument, Universal Power Supply (100- 240VAC), Cable for RS232 Serial Communication & User's Guide
Available Accessories: Fiber Optic Extension Cables, Vacuum Feedthroughs, Data Acquisition and Graphing Software, Lab View Drivers

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