Luxtron m800 Series OEM Module

Safe, Non-Metallic Temperature Sensing

LumaSense Technologies' 800 Series OEM board and module is designed for industrial,medical and energy OEMs that need a flexible, high volume, cost effective solution for temperature measurement in harsh environments.


  • 1 or 2 channel versions
  • Easy-to-integrate OEM board and module
  • Probes are EMI, RF microwave and high voltage immune
  • Stable and inert sensor with no recalibration needed
  • Custom probes for OEMs
  • Available as single PCB OEM board or enclosed in a metal box

Field Proven Fiber Optic Temperature Sensing

LumaSense Technologies has more than 25 years experience integrating fiber optic temperature solutions into challenging applications. The 800 Series OEM system provides precise and repeatable in-situ temperature measurements for control of processes involving RF, EMI, magnetic fields and high voltages. Our experienced applications engineering team supports custom integration and probe designs.

Customized Probe Configurations

Non-metallic and electrically non-conductive, the Fluoroptic® temperature probes are immune to EMI and voltages that adversely affect conventional sensors, such as thermocouples,RTDs and thermistors. By using material of minimal thermal conductance, LumaSense's probes measure temperature on minute samples without perturbing or heat sinking the sample. LumaSense Technologies offers its diverse industrial and process experience to develop custom probes to meet specific OEM requirements.

Easy Integration into OEM Equipment

The small, single board system includes both serial interface and analog outputs. The board conditions the measurement signal from Fluoroptic® probes and reports a calibrated temperature to the OEM control system. The
non-metallic sensor is safe in the harsh environment and connects to the m800 via fiber optics.


The m800 OEM system works with all current Luxtron® brand Fluoroptic probes and fiber optic extensions. With more
than 25 years of experience and thousands of systems installed worldwide, the Luxtron brand is the most trustworthy source for fiber optic temperature measurements.

Typical Applications

  • RF welding
  • RF medical treatments
  • Semiconductor processing using RF and Plasma
  • Microwave food processing
  • Industrial microwave heating
  • High voltage equipment monitoring





Technical Specifications

m821, m822
Channels m821: 1
m822: 2
Maximum Per Channel Measurement Rate 10 Hz / 5 Hz
Measurement Range -100 to 330 °C (probe dependent)
Electrical Interference Probes Immune to EMI, RF, and microwave
Accuracy (Calibrated) ±0.5 °C within 50 °C of Calibration Point
±0.2 °C within 20 °C of Calibration Point
Repeatability (Precision) <0.1 °C RMS @ 1 Hz
Output Format Selectable °C, °F and °K
Self Diagnostic Self Diagnosis and Probe Errors Available on RS-232
Input power versions 24VDC ±10%, 300 mA
Serial Output RS-232C
Analog Output 0 to 10V
Dimensions 71.12 mm H x 32.77 mm W x 88.90 mm D
Storage Temperature -30 to +75 °C
Operating Environment 10 °C to 50 °C, 80% RH (Max) Non-condensing
Optional Accessory Metal Enclosure for Electromagnetic Shielding


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