IMPAC Pyromètre
IN 6/78-L
IN 6/78-H

Accurate, rugged, and reliable infrared thermometer for non-contact temperature measurement on thin and thinnest glass sheets in ranges between 150 and 1100 °C.

IMPAC Pyromètre IN 6/78
IMPAC Pyromètre IN 6/78 (side)

Principales Caractéristiques

  • Temperature ranges between 150 and 1100 °C
  • Measurement of ultra-thin glass sheets with less than1 mm thickness
  • Easy installation and maintenance due to compact, rugged IP65 stainless steel housing for harsh environments
  • Multiple onboard digital and analog interfaces for direct and fast PLC communication
  • Specially designed and coated high-end optics for high accuracy and excellent size of source effects
  • Global support by locally available application engineers


The IN 6/78-L is a pyrometer especially designed for non-contact temperature measurements on the thinnest of glass surfaces. Its special 7.8 μm wavelength makes it possible to accurately and reliably measure glass sheets below 1 mm thickness (ultra-thin glass). As such, it sets new standards for stress-free sheet glass production on manufacturing lines all around the world.

The full digital core sensor design provides a wide temperature range with high accuracy. Its small form factor and robust design allows for easy integration into the process – even in harsh environments.

The IN 6/78 is equipped with specially designed and coated high-end optics, which reduce the effects of ambient reflectance and guarantee the best possible accuracy.

The version IN 6/78-L is equipped with optics with a better field of view for the measurement of small objects. The high-speed version IN 6/78-H has a shorter exposure time of only 30 ms and is suited for fast measuring tasks.

The pyrometer can be connected to a PC through an RS485 to USB connection. You can then use the InfraWin software to make parameter adjustments, get temperature details, log data, and further analyze your complete temperature processes.

Typical Applications

Glass industry: measurement of ultra-thin glass sheets


Technical Specifications

Measurement Specifications

Temperature Range: IN 6/78-L: 400 to 1100 °C
IN 6/78-H: 150 to 800 °C
Sub Range: Adjustable to any range within the temperature range. Min. span is 51 °C
Spectral Range: 7.8 µm, FWHM 0.6 µm
Resolution: 0.1 °C on interface, < 0.1% of temperature range at the analog output
Emissivity ε 10 to 125%, adjustable in steps of 0.1%
Transmittance τ 10 to 100%, adjustable in steps of 0.1%
Exposure time t90: IN 6/78-L: 80 ms,
IN 6/78-H: 30 ms,
adjustable to 0.5 s; 1 s; 2 s; 5 s; 10 s; 30 s

Measurement Uncertainty
(ε = 1, t90 = 1 s)
(Tamb = 44 °C)

0.7% of reading or 3.5 °C, whatever is greater, in °C


Repeatability (ε = 1 t90 = 1 s): 1 °C

Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD):

s = 1 (ε = 1, tamb = 44 °C)

IN 6/78-L: 500 °C;
NETD at t90 = 80 ms / °C = 0.3;
NETD at t90 = 1 s / °C = 0.1

IN 6/78-L: 800 °C;
NETD at t90 = 80 ms / °C = 0.3;
NETD at t90 = 1 s / °C = 0.1

IN 6/78-H: 200 °C;
NETD at t90 = 80 ms / °C = 0.9;
NETD at t90 = 1 s / °C = 0.2

IN 6/78-H: 500 °C;
NETD at t90 = 80 ms / °C = 0.5;
NETD at t90 = 1 s / °C = 0.1


Sighting: None
Optics Silicon


Protection Class: IP 65 IEC 60529 (value in mated condition)
Operating Position: Any
Ambient Temperature: 0 to 70 °C
Storage Temperature: -20 to 80 °C
Relative Humidity: Non-condensing conditions
Weight: 410 g
Housing: Stainless Steel
CE Label: According to EN directives about electromagnetic immunity


Connection: 12-pin connector
Parameters: Adjustable via interface: emissivity, sub range, settings for maximum value storage, address, baud rate (1200 Bd to 115.2 kBd), transmittance, response time t90,
0 to 20 mA or 4 to 20 mA analog output range, °C / °F
Readable via interface: measured value, internal temperature of the unit


Digital Interface: RS485 (half-duplex)
Analog Output: 0 to 20 mA or 4 to 20 mA (linear)
Maximum Value Storage: Built-in single and double store clearing with clear time tcl (0.1 s, 0.25 s, 0.5 s, 1 s, 5 s, or 25 s) via interface or automatically with each new item to be measured
RS485 Bus Address: Set via digital interface
RS485 Baud Rate: 1200 Bd to 115.2 kBd
Temperature Output: Adjustable to °C or °F


Power Supply: 24 V DC (18 to 30 V DC) nominal, ripple must be less than 0.5 V
Power Consumption: Max. 50 mA
Load: Max. 500 Ω
Isolation: Power supply, analog outputs, and digital interfaces are electrically isolated from each other

Note: MB is a shortcut used for temperature range (in German: Messbereich).
Note: The determination of the technical data of this pyrometer is carried out in accordance with VDI/VDE IEC TS 62942-2, the calibration /
adjustment in accordance with VDI/VDE 3511, Part 4.4. See for more information.

IMPAC Pyromètre IN 6/78-L IN 6/78-H
IN 6/78-L Optique a=370 mm
IN 6/78-H Optique a=350 mm

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