SmartDGA EZHub™

The SmartDGA EZHub™ unit makes online DGA easy by simplifying installation and connectivity. As the central intelligence for the SmartDGA system, the unit is capable of handling the power and communication needs for the entire solution.

We make it easy by providing:

  • Single point connectivity for power and communications to SmartDGA™ instruments
  • Status indicators for each instrument
  • Ability to set up instrument from laptop using included  software
  • Rapid data download and upload using USB
  • Modular design for easy upgrades
  • Simple face plate connections

Модуль EZHub™ – контроллер системы SmartDGA. Полностью настроенный на заводе изготовителе и готовый к эксплуатации модуль EZHub™, управляет электропитанием и обменом данными в системе SmartDGA™. Модуль EZHub поддерживает прибор Gauge для РПН и Guard или Guide для трансформатора. Устройство EZHub обеспечивает все интерфейсные функции и внутренние соединения, а также оснащен внутренней памятью, четырьмя (4) реле и яркими светодиодными индикаторами для сигнализации об опасности, предупреждении или тревоге, при достижении критических значений газов или их соотношений друг к другу. Четвертое реле и индикатор используются для информирования об ошибке в работе системы SmartDGA™.


Multiple EZHub™ Setup with Ethernet Hub or Switch

Multiple SmartDGA EZHub Setup with Ethernet Hub or Switch

Technical Data

Operating Temperature* -50 to 55 °C 
Storage Temperature -50 to 70 °C
Storage Humidity (non-condensing) 1-99% RH
(L x H x D)
10.3” x 5.7” x 6”
Weight 6.61 lbs
Standards Compliance
The SmartDGA system underwent thorough testing and complies with the following standards.
Emissions / Immunity

EN 61000-6-5 (2001)

EN 61000-6-4 (2007) +A1

EN 61000-3-2 (2006) +A1

EN 61000-3-3 (2008)

Environmental / Vibration ETSI EN 300 019-2-4
Surge Protection 4000V (IEEE C37.90.1-2002)
EZHub™ & LumaSMART iCore™ Specifications 

Power Supplied to EZHub & iCore

90 ~ 264 VAC, 127 ~ 370 VDC, 47 ~ 63 Hz, 6.5 A max

Power Supplied to Instrument 48 VDC ~ 4.16 A max


Up to 40+ years worth of data storage available with optional iCore

Data Export (Available with EZHub and iCore/PC) Export of results to date in a single file onto a USB memory stick. When using iCore/PC, user can select date range; when using EZHub port, all data is exported

Available Communications (Available with EZHub)

Proprietary communications via RS485 and Ethernet connections to DGA Viewer software

Optional Communications (Modbus available with PC, others available with iCore) IEC61850 Edition 2, DNP3 IEEE Std 1815-2012, ModBus RTU V1.02, ModBus TCP/IP 1.0b protocols
EZHub Alarm Contacts  (3) programmable relay outputs (Type C, NO/NC) for caution, warning, & alarm (1) alarm relay output for system status (Type C, NO/NC)
Relay Contact Ratings Single phase alarm relays (8 A, 250 VAC; 5 A, 30 VDC)

*For operating temperatures less than -20 °C, the cold weather cable is required. Additional eating of oil transfer lines may be required for operation in cold locations. The unit will generate a system fault if the mineral oil temperature is outside of standard fluid limits of -20 and 120 °C. For operating in environments where the temperature routinely exceeds 40 °C, the high temperature accessory is recommended to prevent premature aging and reduction of component lifetime. Temperatures are based upon air temperatures for unit installation in shaded location.

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